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Default 400d is dead, upgrade time, need lens options

My 400d has lost the ability to single point focus when on av, tv or manual(can still focus on auto, but that's no good to me as it's only in jpg). If it can't be fixed I'm gona upgrade as I was toying with the idea anyway.

Camera wise it will be te 50d or the 7d, havnt decided yet, but the lens is causing me grief.
I do mostly lanescape and architecture, so use the widest ed of my 17-70 sigma 2.8-4.5.

If I'm to upgrade the only l series in that range is the 17-40 but that's f4 at best. The 27-70 but that's not wide enough on a crop sensor.

Is there another L series that offers decent range with a wide end of 17mm and is relatively fast, or is my only option the ef-s 17-55 is 2.8?
this sounds like a great lens for a crop sensor camera, but is not weather sealed which could be an issue when hiking.
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Just a thought why not a 60d and keep your 17-70
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Hi schmintan

You wrote that you do mainly landscape & architecture, and use the widest end of your 17-70 Sigma. You also appear to want a lens faster than f4.

Well, yes, you are limited then in what is available. The Canon 17-55 f2.8 is one good option, but reasonably expensive. There are other brand lenses of similar specs with f2.8 starting around 17mm / 18mm and about 3x zoom (Sigma, Tamron - some faster focus, some stabilised).

However I feel you're doubling up in focal length on what your Sigma 17-70 already gives, and the constant f2.8 - well that's up to you if it's 'necessary' of a 'luxury'. Personally when I want fast, I want primes at f1.8 or faster. I believe the 17mm/18mm - 50mm/55mm f2.8 lenses listed above aren't my cup of tea.

My humble suggestions are:
1. Get an ultrawide zoom (eg Canon 10-22mm, Sigma 8-16mm, Sigma 10-20mm, Tamron 10-24mm, Tokina 11-16mm f2.8)
I have the Sigma 10-20mm f4.5-5.6 and am very happy with it. Very sharp corner to corner. For landscapes & architecture, I use this lens often. Outdoor (landscapes or architecture) I stop down between f5.6 to f11 anyway (usually around f8 / f9) - and at 10mm everything is in focus anyway. For indoor architecture I use a good tripod, and set it 'low' for enhanced space / perspective. Nothing does wide like an 'ultrawide' - and if you're already using 17mm a lot, 'go substantially wider'.

2. If you really don't want to go 'ultrawide' and don't need the f2.8, I can highly recommend the Canon 15-85mm, which I also have.
It's very sharp (again corner to corner), contrasty and has such a useful zoom range (the 15mm is noticeably wider than the 17mm/18mm of other lenses). The IS is superb (I get 4 stops consistently), and the USM focus is very fast and accurate. This is my most used lens.

Of course all this depends on whether you might get your 400D repaired. Let us know how you go.


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