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Default Picking a new 50mm prime

I currently have a T3i with Canon's 50mm F/1.8 lens. My sister just picked up a new camera and I figured it would be a nice gesture to let her have my old prime to start out with. That being said, it looks like I'll be needing an upgrade. The new lens is going to be a 1.4 and it's down to the Canon or the Sigma. I know about the Canon's autofocus track record so am a little worried about that. Any thoughts, preferences, pros, or cons?
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I'm not familiar with the sigma 1.4 although I know its a good lens. I have the Canon 1.4 and simply loooove it. I also have the 1.8 which I thought was decent...and will keep as my Dad purchased it for me as a gift so for sentimental reasons, it'll never be sold. That being said, the 50 1.4 stays on my camera most of the time.

If the local camera store has both, try them both on your camera then make the choice. When I was purchasing they didn't have the sigma in stock and I didn't want to wait.
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According to SLRGear.com, the Canon has slightly less vignetting, but the Sigma is sharper, especially at the edges, until you stop down to about f/2.8.

PhotoZone.de agrees.
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Hi looking at local prices the canon is the cheaper option. In local reviews both come out well although the sigma is heavy. I would look at trying both out if possible
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A direct comparison....
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Originally Posted by SIMON40 View Post
Although not a good one as the Sigma he is using is front focusing, that's what's giving the softness, not the lens

I would ensure if you get one (either) that it is spot on when focusing on your T3i, if it is even slightly off you will really notice it. Mine (Sigma) is a little front focused so have to dial in some micro adjustment and it's great.

Here is an unedited sample at f1.4, first is the full shot and then a 100% crop.

I went for the Sigma over the Canon due to the better performance wide open, no other reason.
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Default 50mm Lens choice

I have owned the Sigma 50mm as well as many Canon L lenses. The Sigma was an excellent lens and would buy another without thinking twice. Very sharp and produced excellent results consistently. A little more money then the Canon and a little heavier but no regrets. Also felt better built then the Canon lens. I would highly recommend the Sigma.....
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I have the ef 50 1.4 and have not had any issues with the AF. It is softer then then the sig wide open. But it gets better then the sig when stop down. If you are using it at 1.4 to 2.4 all the time the sig has the edge. If you shoot out doors with them you will have to stop down to prevent over exposures. So it flips the other way.

The canon does AF faster then the sig.
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Found a Canon 50mm f1.4 lens under the Christmas tree this year, what a surprise. So far I'm thrilled with the lens, fast, sharp, light and great in low light.
Comments always welcome.
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I would go for the Canon.
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