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Default Lenses! Choices and then some more!!!

hello fellow canon-eers.
once again i pose a question about lens choices.
canon 100m f2
canon 100m f2.8 macro
canon 85mm f1.8
canon 70-200 f4 non IS
canon 70-200 f4 IS

i know each has its own qualities and uses.
i have the kit 18-55 is.
i have the 50mm f1.8.
a set of macro tubes from ebay.
need one more.
do some portraits and some macro and general shooting.
thinking of the 70-200 non IS for portriats and other stuff like parades, scenics, walk around too when my 50mm is not on.could use tubes for macro on 50mm and 70-200mm if need be.
but the other lenses are also very good performers.
suggestions and advice please.
thanks in advance.
any suggestions.
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If you can stretch to it the 70-200mm f4 IS is a very sharp well performing lens and would serve you very well, the non IS is still good but not as sharp.

It come down to budget really I guess. I like my 85mm f1.8 on both full frame and crop so that could be well worth a play but it's not as versatile as the 70-200 but it is very bright being over 2 stops wider.
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I replaced my 18-55 with sigma 17-70os, for me its a great all round lens
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thanks mark>>> yup your right ( as always ) guess i should save up for a f4 IS version. too bad the prices went up even on used lenses here in canada. will wait for a deal.

thanks wave >>>> looking for a longer focal length really esp. at a zoo or a parade or at a lake.



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Given what you've said (about existing lenses and what you'd like to see) I'd also go for the 70-200mm f4 IS, as Mark suggested above.

If you were 'really' focussing on portraits, (and not much else) the 85mm f1.8 would've been my recommendation.

Or if you loved taking lots of macros, the 100mm f2.8 USM macro (which I have). It also makes a good candid portrait lens.

But for a more all round package the 70-200mm L f4 IS USM is a very good. I have the 70-300mm L IS USM as I need more reach, which pairs very well with my 15-85mm IS USM.

Let us know how you go, pete - and I look forward to seeing some of your photos.

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