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Default Lens for Time Lapse

Hi folks,

I am planning to shoot a time lapse of the galactic center of the milky way and was wondering which lens I should use.
I have a T2i and I will be renting a lens for this shoot.
I was initially thinking of Canon 10-22 but its max aperture is f/3.5.
Although I have never used a fisheye before, I was looking at sigma 8mm @ f/3.5 or Sigma 4.5mm @ f/2.8.
I wouldn't want to go above 1600 on ISO and no more than 30 sec exposure (to avoid pill shaped stars), therefore I think f/2.8 would be better.
Unfortunately, there aren't many Ultra wide lenses than can go to f/2.8.

Edit: Just found out about Tokina 11-16mm @ f/2.8

Any help will be really appreciated.


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The Tokina,apparently,is quite highly regarded...
When you get round to completing your project, maybe you could post it here at Steve's... please...?
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I bought the Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 lens, which I really like. It's sharp, contrasty, has great build quality and was almost half the price of the Canon 10-22mm USM. I have used my Sigma for some time-lapse photos, including night time ones - and really like it. But then again I don't do photos of stars per se.

As I don't need a large aperture, I usually use my Sigma ultrawide zoom lens between wide open and f10. So, for your purposes, yes, the Tokina is regarded as a very good, sharp ultrawide zoom, and particularly useful if you need that f2.8!

I agree with Simon40... please do post your attempts here in Steve's for us to see and comment on.


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Question not sure from your description, are you planning to take a long exposure of about 30seconds or a true time-lapse move sequence?
If it is for a time-lapse sequence what are you using as a controller for the t2i?

Anyway if you are interested here is a Time Lapse of the Milky Way by TSO titled "the Mountain" http://vimeo.com/22439234
A smartphone is all the "camera" most really need.

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Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts.

Peter: Thanks for sharing that link on vimeo. I am planning to take 30 sec long exposures with a 30 sec interval for about 7-8hrs. So total of approx 450 exposures. At 15fps this should give me a 30 sec movie and at 20fps I should get 22 sec movie.
I have an intervalometer that I will be using.

I have already reserved Tokina 11-16 and will definitely need that f2.8.
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I am back from my trip. As it got dark, stars started popping out. However, after a while they started disappearing due to light domes getting bigger. I think it was the increased moisture in the air that was causing the stars to disappear. So, I wasn't able to get the composition I was hoping for, however, I was able to take some exposures. After setting up my camera and taking a few shots, I went to sleep in my tent only to wake up to see that my lens was covered with dew. :-(
I was able to salvage just 175 exposures, rest were rendered useless.

I am attaching 2 pictures here. 1 is the JPEG that I converted from RAW in Lightroom and the other is after PP in CS5. Since, I am not that great with Photoshop yet, I would really like to get your inputs about PP and comments on my work.
Also, I will be more than happy to share the RAW file if anyone would like to try PP in CS5 and come up with a better PP output than what I did.

Click here to go to my album to see before and after pictures

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Your after shot looks pretty good to me! Very NICE!
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