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Default The right lens?

I am new into the DSLR feild and have decided on getting the Canon 10D. My question to all you pro's has to do with the selection of the perfect lens. I was looking for two different lenses. The first lens I want to be for dstance shots, I looked at the 100-400mm IS USM lens but the price is a killer. Being a High School Student cuts into my income. The other lens I want to be for close-up shots. (I do the photography for families company catalogs) I have a sailing trip coming up in the summer and thought the IS would be needed. To help capture pics of sailboats in the distance. I do alot of my photography outside and while on high adventures. I ask you all if you know of a better lense to purchase that would more beneft me, or is this the lense to have? I also would like to know if the Extender 2x EF II is worth the $300? I know that these are basic questions to you pro's and hope you can pass your knowledge & wisdom on to me.
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If you get the 100-400L, don't get the 2xTC. The lens can't take it and will produce soft images.

With the right lens, though the 2xTC can work (usually fixed focal length lenses.)

You have two choices with the "close-up"shots. Are you really talking macro? Or just close-up (like with butterflies?) If its just close-up, then extention tubes might work. They are very cheap, and they reduce the close focusing distance of the lens (you trade infinity focusing for close focusing.) You probably won't use them for insects, but for butterflies they work.

As to the lens.... what you are asking is difficult to answer. The 100-400 is a good lens (I've got one.) It is capable of producing great pictures and its AF is fairly good. But it is expensive. It sounds like you'd use the entire zoom range and not just 400mm. If you only used 400mm, you could consider the 300mm f4 IS. That gets you IS for the boat shots and it's a bit cheaper than the 100-400 (but not much.) If you combined that with a 1.4xTC get good long range coverage and a great lens optically. But it is expensive.

If you didn't need IS, the 50-500 Sigma is good and costs under $1,000. Not cheap, by any means, but a good lens with a wide zoom range for less than the 100-400. But if you really are going to do a lot of boat photography, then IS is great.

What will you use the long end of the lens for specifically? Getting out to 400mm is rare and expensive. But there are some cheaper options in the 300mm range.

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Thank you on the advice eric s and will most likely end up going with the 100-400mm and taking the 2X Extender out of my expenses. I would like to know if you would recommend the 1.4X EF II Extender for the lense? Does it have any effect on the quality? Just to put you in my shoes, the only digital camera I own right now is an Olympus C-3020 which is 3 years old and only has 3X zoom with a whopping 3.2 Megapixels. I plan to get the 10D. Do you think that the lans AF is going to bother me much considering I have only used the Digital Rebel at work once or twice with low line 75-300 canon lens? Do you think I would notice the quality change if I used a 1.4X EF II Extender on this lens? I hope that you can help me out here so as not to spend hundreds on something worng.
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Want some more opinions on the 100-400?

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Canon's extenders only work with their 'L' series lenses. Thus not with the 75-300. Extenders from other manufacturers might work with that lens. However, extenders do degrade image quality. The 75-300 isn't stellar to begin with, adding an extender is not going to help any.

Also, a 1.4x TC will cost you one F stop, thus a F4 lens becomes F5.6, etc. A 2.0x TC will cost you two F stops. Thus the F4 lens now is a F8 lens. Autofocus stops working on the 10D and 300D if the lens has a F stop higher than F5.6.

Are you sure you need more than 400mm reach? That is a lot of reach, especially with the 1.6x crop factor on the 10D or 300D! Do you have a decent tripod?


PS If I were you I would buy the 28-135 lens ($400 or so) and learn how to work with a DSLR first. Play with depth-of-field, controlling aperture etc etc. The 28-135 has IS. Its focal range is the sweet spot for an all-around walk-around lens.
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