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Default Feeback Sought for Baseball Photos

OK, 1st attempt at shooting with my new 70-200 f/2.8 IS lens. Some shots also taken with a 1.4 and 2.0 TC just to test them out. Couldn't move around b/c of the fence height... had to stand on a rickety chair for these. Not a real good game to take pics of. Both pithers had a tough time finding the plate. Long stretches without any swings/balls in play.

The sun is shining from behind home plate. Looking for suggestions on settings to improve. Still very much a novice... Shot a combo of M and AV on these, with just a few variations on the settings. Sun was in and out all afternoon.

Thanks everyone.

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Congrats, Andy, on that new lens. The color saturation is excellent. Since you asked for a few suggestions I took a very good look at the first page of photos and here's what I came up with:

- first of all, the lens is definitely a gem and it needs now to be played with and played with until you know it like you know your car dashboard.
- make your copy protection less obvious as you have done in some by lowering the opacity and making it more transparent, almost to the point where it can't even be seen, but it's there, like a faint spot on your favorite white T-shirt.
- In IMG 1375 it looks like you caught the subject at a stop point in the action, which is good because that's why it's sharper than many of the others. I think that you need to boost your shutter to 1/500 or more, which you can do with that lens. I honestly don't think that you can use less "unless" you are capturing a moment like the one in IMG 1375, where the action is somewhat subdued for that instant.
- I wish you had posted some of the exif data for each photo but if I were to guess I'd say that you are remaining a bit "open" still with your aperture. I'm not sure that's the wisest thing to do in fast sports photography because it demands pinpoint accuracy in focus. I know that I personally can't do that sort of thing yet. The blur looks great when the action is captured properly but I personally just find it too difficult to do that so what I do is stop down and get some good shots that are keepers and then open the aperture and play a bit, sometimes getting a great shot (but I do this only after I have the insurance shots in the bag).
- I believe that your shots would have more force if you posted them "cropped" so that not so much redundant space was visible. Actually, that guy sitting in the chair in the background became my personal center of interest because I could see him in each photo. I would suggest that you crop these things before posting. Here's an example:

Notice that guy with the red hood is gone so the focus again is where it needs to be (hehe, I really get a kick out of him though, maybe you could sell him a photo). And you don't need a pile of grass surrounding the action because every bit of it just waters down what you want the focus to be on.

- Have you tried manual white balance? Some of the faces appear a bit red. Otherwise, the color is magnificent which is a shining point of that lens obviously, and the contrast is excellent, two very important things that you no longer seem to need to worry about!

- did you use that new tripod of yours at all? It's difficult to offer any real meat unless you post exactly what you did with each of the shots. Otherwise, we are just guessing.
I think your venture is off to a great start!
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