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That's a great combination. Soon you will hear the call of the 70-200 f4L as well! Get your card paid down and get it!!
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Before I hear the call of another lens I will hear the call of an external flash. The 17-40 takes great pictures the only problen is if you are wider then 24 and you use the built in flash the lens causes a shadow in the picture due to its size. For now I am using my old Minolta auto flash with the camera set to manual. Cant wait to see what a flash made for this camera can do.
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Old May 27, 2004, 7:28 PM   #13
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Bounce the extarnal flash (white wall etc) or use it with a omni bounce (not the white-transparent-plastic-box, use the somewhat bigger onesthat are fixed on the flash head but dont go full-size-umbrella:!::loland the flash-zoomwont matter...

Good way to spend $20!
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If you want ultimate quality for the dollar, you got good advice on the primes. The 50mm f1.8 is the picture quality value king of the entire Canon lineup. It costs about $70 with MTF ratings that are equal or better than almost any variable zoom in the entire lineup including the "L" lenses. Plus you get better speed than almost any variable zoom.

I have the 17-40 "L" you purchased and it is an excellent lens in every way. But I also have the 50mm f1.4 prime and it is crisper, faster and cheaper. The sacrifice, of course, is flexibility -- you must zoom with your feet. The 17-40 "lives" on my camera but I still use the 50mm quite a bit.
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