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I hear some mention on the boards of some Tamron lenses having a colour cast. I see that myself in the Tamron 28-200 -- its images are toned, and noticably darker than the Canon 50 or 18-55. In at least sometests, Iget identical meter readings through these lenses, so this is either only a subjective darkening, or something more subtle.

Here's a link showing test images of the Tamron 28-75 Di compared to a couple of Canon lenses. I see a colour cast in the Tamron.


Here's a link to a thread discussing the above comparisons. The colour cast is briefly mentioned, but not further commented upon beyond a reference to identical conditions (which do not apply to the re-test images).


I note that both the 28-75 and the 28-200 are of the "XR" lineage, which produces more compact lenses than otherwise; perhaps the colour cast is a consequence of this lineage.

To me this is a mark against the otherwise well-received 28-75. I don't like the idea of having a set of lenses, some of which produce a different colour balance than others -- I want sets of my images to be uniform and not distracting in this way.

I know that I can correct this to some degree in Photoshop, but that's work that I'd rather not do, and do so differently for some images in the same set. Still, this is an option.

Does anyone have any further comments? Do you see this in your own experience with the lenses? How do you deal with it? Is it common to the entire Tamron lineup so that one option is to switch to them entirely and thereby get a uniform colour cast?
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I don't have direct experience with camera lenses, but I can mention what I've leared having to do with spotting scopes.

There are certainly some spotting scopes which have a color cast (some times yellow, but not always.) This is usually attributed to the coatings applied to defeat CA. Maybe the same thing applies here? That one line of lens uses a different (less good) coating?

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I have the opposite problem... Unlike Madwand (who fixes the WB), I have a couple of KR1.5 or KR3 warming filters on my lenses and the darn AWB cancel out the effect! :-)
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