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Hey guys,

Over the past few weekends have been taking quite a few candid type shots indoors and have found that my beloved 50 f1.8 is just a bit too long, considering the 1.6x conversion ratio on the Rebel.

So, I'm looking for a comparitively fast prime that is just a bit wider. At first I was thinking of the 28 f1.8, but after looking through Photodo and FM Reviews...looks like that one isn't nearly up to the quality of the 50 f1.8.

This leaves the 28 f2.8 and the 35 f2.0. At the moment I'm leaning towards the 35 f2.0, simply for the extra speed, and considering that 35 gets me closest to that "50 mm normal" after the 1.6x conversion.

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The 35 f2 is a very nice, very popular lens, my favorite focal length on film bodies. At 56mm with the 1.6 conversion it's still a little longer than I want. I already have the "normal" focal length covered by a zoom, but I want a speedy semi-wide lens for those times when I want the speed and a lens that's able to handle more scenes than a "normal" lens would. The 28mm focal length is perfect for that on a digital body with an effective 44mm, right between the good old 35 and 50mm lenses.

I think lots of people don't rate the 28/1.8 lens highly because they are expecting more than they should at f1.8. At that f-stop I am looking to isolate the focus ona very small area. Yes, there will be a lot of non-focussed areas in the frame- that's what I am after! If you try & take a shot of two or more people you canhave serious depth of field problems at f1.8, so you're going to shoot at some smaller f-stop to keep everyone in focus. I can imagine that lens also stillhas some corner darkening on film bodies at f2.8- maybe on the digital ones too, but I've really beenthinking that would be a good lens to use as a "normal" prime for a digital body. In all liklihood I will be buying one myself very soon.

The 28 f2.8 is supposed to be an excellent performer with non-existant distortion, but f2.8, while fast on a zoom, is slow on a prime of less than 200mm. My zooms are slow- if I'm buying a prime it's going to be FAST!
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