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Ok did some trial and error stuff today at work. Today I was pretty sure I was able to get some great shots of some red wing black birds. I mostly shot at 1/500th+ F8-11ish at ISO400 (Ack, didnt mean to have it on 400) and used a sunhood. When I focused onto a subject, and refocused same subject again, sometimes it would off focus some? Where I can still manually focus my lens even in AF mode (man I love that) I drew the focus alittle back towards me if it did go out of focus when it AF'ed. The results where fantastic. Other then the ISO400 noise, about 90%+ where acceptable and correctable by adobe if anything was wrong with it. The other 10% was either me messing around or trying a shot I was sure wasnt able to get clearly. Things I did before this test with the camera.

Changed Paramaters (+1 Sharpen, +1 Saturation)

Cleaned Lens

Used Sunhood

Used smaller f-stop (ie 8-11 instead of 4.0-6.3ish)

I did notice though maybe 1/4th to 1/5th of the time it would miss focus some but I was also trying to shoot at a bunch of cattails or whatever they are. And my subject was a red winged black bird which Im sure is hard to pick up good focus off from. However, with the results I did today I am pleased with, Ill post some pictures shortly. Did not receive ANY of the shots I had taken the other day. So I don't know whats up.

Update --- Photo's from today. Most shots where similar to the quality of this. Other pictures may have been off a hair or wasnt in general a good composed shot itself. I USM'ed it some. If the ISO speed wasnt 400 at the time, Im sure it would have looked a lot nicer (quality wise) then it looks now.

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This is exactly the sort of problem I've been having.

My 300D is brand new and it really does my head in.

Some times the shots are bang on and really sharp, but like you say about 50% seems to miss the focus point and deliver bad pics.

Mine seems to have improved but I'm not completely convinced.

This camera can produce fantastic pics but this really does frustrate me.

At least I'm not alone, that must mean there's something wrong with the way this camera focuses. Can't just be me after all.

Please let us know what you do and the result.


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Sorry Unison

Missed that last post.

I'm not completely happy with mine but it can give great results, maybe I'm just too picky. Anyway if mine keeps playing up I'm taking it back. Saying that however, today I set it in sport mode and photographed a kite in action and it worked great. Some of the best shots yet.

Like I said, does my head in.


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Ive just brought a digital rebel and sigma 75-300 lens,after a while i noticed the focus wasnt that good in some shots so i changed to centre focus point insted of the 7 avalible and it made a slite difrence.

Then i realised the lens was crap to say the least i was using the lowest fstop only because the older sigma lens have compatibilty issues with he digital rebel and wont alow any other fstop settings so anyway the depth of field was very small and it was very hard to capture a subject if they where moving at anything over 200mm.

there hwere problems reported with the E10 when used with the 75-300 l series lens as in this link http://emedia.leeward.hawaii.edu/fra...f70-200usm.htm

Overall this is a good camera but finding a good lens that sutes your needs is a bit of a task however the L series lens are far beter than the ii an iii series lens fullstop!!
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