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Ok, so Ive got a 90 to 300 canon lens for the digital rebel. What I need to know is, what kind of photos is this lens best for apart from close ups of animals?


(questions for a friend)

The lens that comes standard with the rebel (18 to 55), how does this lens compare zoom wise to the prosumer digitals.

Also is there a prosumer digital that can zoom in as far as the 300 lens and if so,what sort of quality as opposed to the SLR with big lens?

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Most "prosumer" cameras w/fixed lenses are by comparison very fast. They are generally f/2.0 - f/4 at the very least. The other advantage to fixed lens prosumer cameras is that they have *very* short minimum focus distances for super-macro and also a true ultra-wideangle from 18mm etc. Since they do not have a crop factor they are a true say 18mm where the dSLR 18 mm is converted to a 27 or 28mm lens. The one thing many people dont realize is that the lenses are not the maximum advertised zoom. They all utilize optical + digital zoom. I beleive the longest optical zoom lens is 10x on a prosumer (about 350mm). The digital zoom is effectively the same result as you would get in pshop by "zooming" in on a section of the image.

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It is difficult in terms of Aperture to compare a Prosumer and dSLR because:

1) Despite a wider aperture (for example, f2.0) the Depth of Focus is larger than it would be on a dSLR at that same aperture.

2) While the prosumer often has wide apertures, the dSLR can compensate in terms of light by increasing ISO beyond the point where the prosumer camera can handle (i.e. on many prosumers ISO 200 is the limit, where I can use ISO 1600 on my 10D without worrying too much about noise).

In terms of focal length, you have to look at the prosumer's effective focal length. Some popular ones (from a post I made on another site):

Olympus 8080 (5x zoom): 28-140mm

Sony DSC-F717 (5x zoom): 38-190mm

Sony DSC-F828 (7x zoom): 28-200mm

Minolta Dimage Z1 (10x zoom): 38-380mm

Panasonic FZ10 (12x zoom): 35-420

As you can see, the #x lens zoom rating doesn't tell you the entire picture. Note that the Olympus and Sony are both 5x zooms, but the Sony is 50mm longer but loses 10mm on the wide end (which is quite a bit). Notice also that while the jump from 5x to 7x in the old to new Sony might sound like it is a lot longer, it really is a bit longer, and a bit wider.

You should also note that while the two 10x and 12x cameras truly are long at 380 and 420 respectively, neither is really wide at 38 and 35 respectively.

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Now, when looking at your lens, on the DRebel, 90-300 is cropped to the equivalent of a 144-480. Longer than any of prosumers (in terms of optical zoom). Unfortunately, not nearly as wide. It's actually longer on the wide end than the Olympus 8080 is on the long end (if that makes any sense).

For SLR, you pretty much require two lenses if you are going to cover the range of a prosumer with any level of quality. As pointed out above, on a Rebel an 18-55 is actually a 29-88. About as wide as the prosumers, but not nearly as long as even the shortest. To get the length of the prosumer, you'd need a second, longer lens.

Thing is, the prosumer compromises on several fronts, in order to get an "all-in-one" package. The DSLR does make as many compromises, but pays for it in a far-from-all-in-one package.

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