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I have been shooting with a digital rebel and a 24-135 mm lens. I also have a longer telephoto lens that I'm happy with, but am looking at wide angle lenses now.

Now that the 20d's are out, I am going to buy a used 10d as my main camera and turn the dRebel into a backup. But I want to buy a wide angle lens - was thinking of the new Canon 10-22 coming out but, 1) I don't know when it will be released and 2) I would then have a lens that would not work on both my cameras.

As a result, I was looking at the Sigma 12-24 mm lens, however I have seen complaints of the sharpness. I am wondering if anyone out there thinks I should wait for the new Canon lens to come out and just deal with the fact that I need to use my dRebel if I think I'm going to need wide angle shots, or if I should just go with the Sigma. This is kind of based on a hunch that the new Canon glass may be a bit better than the existing Sigma - but again I am new to all this so opinions welcome.

Just buying a 20d would be a solution to this, but as a grad student I'm trying to invest my money in the best glass that I can afford until I graduate, as the dSLR camera body prices drop like computers in the long run, and I thiink the 10d is fine for my needs (feature-wise and price-wise) right now.

I'd also be open to suggestions for a wide angle prime lens, but at $800 for the new Canon Zoom that would be my max budget for the lens right now.

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Do you have a good reason todrop over $1000 on the 10D in favor of the better glass? My oppinion is to forget about the extra body and buy the best lens you can get. When you get out of school you'll then have real glass to put on the latest body.

Of coursethere may be some feature on the 10D that makes you need it, but given the same settings and the same glass, the dRebel will take exactly the same photo.

If you must have the 10D, consider the Canon 17-40 f4. It's a great lens for the money if it fits your needs.

About the Sigma 12-24, I've used it side by side with my Sigma 14mm f2.8and it's noticeably less sharp. Of course that's not much information for you but it's all I have on that lens.
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