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I am seriously considering a Canon EOS 20D to replace my Pro 90IS. I have thoroughly enjoyed the 10x optical zoom on that camera. I am clueless about lenses and at the same time cannot afford a really expensive one after I buy the body. What do you guys recommend for me to get the best of both worlds? The 17-85mm they are offering for this camera will only give me around 135mm zoom equivalent to 35mm. That may be enough for my needs, but will the quality of the lens be good?

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Posting this in the Canon Lens forum might help.
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figure your heart set on canon but would be worth your while to check out nikon d70 or d100.lenses run about half the price of canon.believe the d70 is the most bang for your dollar
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The 17-85 adds about $500 dollars to the cost of the camera. Are you needing the wide end of this lens or are you more interested in the zoom. One of my favorite lens was the Canon 28-135 USM IS lens which runs about $400.
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People either love or hate the EF-S 17-85 (equivalent to 35mm 27-135mm). I happen to love it. It's not cheap, however but a great "walk-around" lens. I too, moved up from the Pro90 and find the 20D light years ahead of the old Pro90. Focus is lightning fast and pictures are crisp and clear. Low light performance of the 20D is fabulous. I'm saving for an EF 70-200L 4, another $550 . That still won't produce quite the reach of the Pro90, but I can live with the 320mm vs the 370mm reach of the Pro90.
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Your claim of Canon being upwards of twice as expensive of Nikon is completely false. Here are just a few examples on a wide variety of lenses in different focal lengths and quality. Note that all of these are in US Dollars and all are US products, not grey market. All prices are from www.adorama.com, which is basically equivalent to www.bhphoto.com, the best prices around for a reputable dealer.

50mm f1.8----------$99.95--------$74.95
50mm f1.4---------$259.95-------$309.95
28-70f2.8-------$1,429.95-----(no longer made?)
70-200f2.8 VR/IS-$1,599.95----$1,649.95
100-400 f4.6-5.6--------------$1,409.95
80-400 f4.6-5.6--$1,429.95--------------
(and note in the last case, the Canon is a much better lens.)

I could give you some more examples if you'd like.

Now, it might be true that the D70 is a better "bang for the buck" I truly don't know the going price for the D70 and 20D. I know very little about the D70. But consider the D70 on its features and handling. Don't do it just because you're told the lenses are that much cheaper (they aren't.)

You don't tell us what type of photography you are going to do. We can't recommend a lens without knowing this. So what will you photograph. Please be specific. Indoors/outdoors/kids playing/pets/landscapes/low-light/lots-of-light. All that.

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In comparison. I believe the D70 was being compared to the similar priced Digiital Rebel when making the "more bang for the buck" statement. As far as a cheap lens goes, take a look at the Sigma 18-125mm lens. It's been getting better reviews than Canons digital "kit" lenses. It will suffice until your budget allows for "L" quality glass.
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