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I was tying to decide between the 17-85mm and the 18-55mm lenses offered for the new Canon EOS 20d. The 17-85mm is so expensive, that I thought maybe the 1.7x teleconvertor I have would work with the 18-55 and give me even more zoom than the 17-85mm. The filter thread size look right, so is there anything that should deter me from pursuing this option and saving about $500.

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Well, I have no experience with that TC, but if it has a protruding front element (as many TCs do) then it probably won't work because it will strike the rear element of the lens (which on many shorter focal length lenses is right at the back of the lens.)

This is a problem with many TCs and shorter focal length lenses. One solution around it is to put an Extention tube bewteen the lens and TC, which will solve the problem but reduce/remove infinity focus. I've never tried this.

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Whether or not the converter will fit the EF-S mount (most or all won't), the quality loss would be enough that you would not be happy. Converters work better on longer lenses and the gain on a 55 would not improve results just cropping the image. The 18-55 is marginially sharp at 55mmwide open so you will be working at f/9 for fuzzy resultsand f/16 to get anything semi-sharp. Take the money save for a while to get a cheap telephoto like the 55-200 which will beat the converted kit lens badly.
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