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Can we uselenses designed for 35m film with the EOS 300D with good results? Are they better or worse than lenses designed specially for digital cameras?

I may be wrong, but:

If the sensor on a DSLR sees a smaller area of the optics (and the center part of any lens produces less CA) then the image canhave less chromatic aberration than if used with a 35mm film camera at the same aperture and speed, same ligthing, etc. Right?

Anyone with links to articles about this topic?

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Not exactly. For camera bodies made by Canon the "film" lens will work just fine.
CA is more of an issue with camera makers other than Canon and Nikon. Normal film lenses tend to have a light striking the sensor at sharper angles due to shorter back focus on wide angle lenses. Canon and Nikon added micro lens for each pixel in their sensors so that this is not a problem. Nikon and Canon did this so that their large family of lens could be used on the new DSLR bodies which made the transistion from film to digital less expensive for photographers who already had the lenses. Other camera makers(not completely excluding Canon or Nikon) are creating a line of "digital" lenses which have a longer back focus and therefore a less sharp angle for light striking the sensor. This in general is more of a problem with wide angle lenses and is not so with tele-lens.

Another need for the digital lens relates to obtaining wider wide angle for the 1.3 to 1.6x sensors. This is a problem because of the limited space between lens and the camera mirror for film type lenses. Here is were you can see new wide angle lenses from Canon and Nikon.

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