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My son has a Canol DRebel with the "standard" 18-55 lens. He hinted about asking "Santa" (me) for a longer lens, much like the 28-200 he had for his SLR. Looking online, I don't seem to find one like that, plus, I find it difficult to tell which of the other brands (Sigma, Tamaron, Quantary) are compatible with the Digital Canon, as opposed to the regular SLR's? Any recomendations?

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Hmm no one replies here ?

I have only recently dabbled back into photography and use the Digital rebel or UK version. I have a couple of sigma lenses that seem to give great pictures on my cam. Have a look here:


Dont forget the 1.6X factor of the lenses listed, ie the 100-300 becomes a 160 - 480.

i would reccommend after you have selected what lense make / model to go for to do a google search for reviews on them. Some lenses both canon and third party can give soft images, also for example sigma have updated the spec on a couple of ranges and what was once given a so so review now seems to get a much better outcome.

The lenses i have so far

Kit lens 18-55 Canon
Sigma 55-200 Digital (Much sharper than the kit lens)
Sigma 70-300 APO Mk2

All three give good image captures but ones where the sigma 's have been used seem a bit sharper. I dare say if you used canons EX series they would be sharper even more.

Hope this helps a little

Ask him what hes going to be using it for also. Might guide you to a different lens altogether

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That's a very broad question, so here's a very general answer since we don't know any of his shooting preferences. Go to keh.com'sused equipment section. Click on Canon zooms. Look for an excellent plus (or above) Canon 28-105mm f3.5-4.5 USM II. This is a reasonably good lens that will mate with DReb's crop to be about a 45-168mm. You might also consider at a bit more money the Canon 28-135mm which has more reach. Either lens will balance well against the 18-55mm.
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Just so I have it straight: any lens that I find that is compatible with the DRebel - to "convert" the focal length into what we are used to from 35mm SLR, you multiply by 1.6? Is that true even for the fixed lens digital cameras?

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No that is a different case entirely.

On the "fixed" lens cameras (AKA P&S) you will see the lens size then a statement regarding "35mm equivelent" That is your actual lens range.
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Too add something to the above info, I would not consider using any third party lenses other than Sigma. I generally prefer Canon, but Sigma does make some good lenses.

Without knowing what your son shoots, it is very difficult to suggest a lens. Without knowing how much you are willing to spend, it is also difficult.

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