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My choice for a general usage lens on a Canon 20D has come down to these two. I'm looking for a lens which will handle some landscapes, buildings,people pics, holiday pics, etc.

- the Canon costs twice the price of the Sigma
- the Sigma has more reach (which I like for close photos)
- the Sigma has a wider aperature
- the Canon has IS (which I like because I don't use a mono/tri-pod)

Has anyone here done any hands-on testing of these lenses?
Is the photo quality of the Canon twice that of the Sigma?
Is the Sigma's extra reach worth trading for the Canon's IS, or visa versa?

Comments would be appreciated, but please don't mention any more expensive lenses because my budget has run dry! . . :-)
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I had (have) a Sigma 18-125. It has focus issues and has gone back to Sigma for"a new circuit" (their words). But I used it before I realised and it is not good at long focal lenses in low light - I came from a Minolta A2 and am used to Anti-Shake....

So, I went in to look for another lens - I checked out the 17-85 and the 28-135. Both IS lenses - the 28-135 was appreciably sharper at the same focal length so I got that. I've been very happy with it so far - I'm not sure what I will do with my Sigma when I get it back.

The 28-135 is cheaper than the 17-85 and, in my opinion, a better lens.

I also have a Sigma 12-24 which is wonderful for indoor and wide panorama shots (but you don't want to know that).

Does this help ?

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When I was on the market for walk-around lens for my 300dI also had some thoughts between these two lenses. I didn't make any head-to-head comparisons but only checked online galleries (like photosig andpbase) for pictures taken with both lenses. After all I decided to go with Sigma lens and spend extra $$ for a firm and sturdy Bogen/Manfrotto tripod with good head. I'm very happy with my choice, lens is very good for the $$$ and tripod is a must for low light (which I can use with all my other lenses as well, of course). Just my 2 cents
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