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redundo, I don't know how much of the soccer and other sports you'll be doing, but if doing a fair amount I would say the Canon has the advantage of the USM. I have the Sigma and do mainly sports with my D70; the Sigma and D70 combo hunts like a dog. At a quick glance I didn't see what kind of Canon you're using to know if you have a fast focusing body or not. I've liked my Sigma (esp. considering the cost) but the lack of USM/HSM could be a pain for you after a few games.
In the future if you upgrade, one thing to consider is you wouldn't get much money trying to sell your el cheapo zoom so you could hold onto it and use it for covering games in bad weather. At least for me, I would more sacrifice a $200 lens than a $700+ lens.
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I think the decision may have already been made for me.I went out last night taking a few shots andhad one or two Error 99 codes freeze the camera. This morning I went out again but this time the camera froze up almost everytime I tried to take a shot. I think I got no more then one or two pictures from the Sigma lens. All the rest were lost to Error 99 codes.

What I've read about the 99 codes makes it seem like there is no real solution to the problem. I have heard others talk of getting their lens rechipped by Sigma but I don't think that solution will work very well in my situation as i'm only borrowing the lenses for now!

I'll keep trying, but I don't think this is a problem that will magically go away.
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