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Can someone tell me the difference between the EF-S lens and an older EF lens. I am thinking of buying a digital Rebel and have a couple of older EF lenses that I used with an EOS 650.
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EF-S lenses were designed specifically for the 1.6 crop DSLRs in Canon's lineup.They will only work onthe 300D or 20D (will not work on the 10d for those that still have them). The EF lense isdesigned for a full size sensor but will work on ALL Canonbodies. So your older EF lenses will work on a 300D, 10D, 20D, 1D, etc. Someone else can give you the technical explanation but in layman's terms: The EF-S lenses can be made smaller because the 1.6 crop cameras don't really use the entire diameter of the lense anyway. So, they can make a lense with slightly smaller optics so it weigh's lighter and is less expensive to make. The downside is: if 5 years down the road, you want to move to a full frame sensor (or a 1.2 or 1.3 which I believe the MKI is) then the EF-S lenses will not be any good.
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Conversely this open up entire new possibilities - lenses that were merely 'average' at the periphery on film camera are now quite 'good' on a cropped digital cameras where the best center part of the lens is used
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