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im keen on buyin either of these cameras ,
i will be usin these cameras basically for takin pics of my samples (antique jewellry) and puttin em on the net n mail em to my customers , so i thin i should probably go for a macro lens rite ? could ya suggest me some good macro lenses . and i would be probably requirin a len adapter also , to join the macro lens to my digicam ? rite ? so which one should i buy ?

this is gonna be my 1st dslr , and a matter of fact my 1st slr too . but im pretty familiar wid digicams , as i have a nikonn 4300 , canon a95, casio qv-r4 n sony p72 .

so i would be obliged if yall could help me wid which len (macro or some other) i should pick up ?

anywayz thanz for ya help n ya time too

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1) Yes, you'll want a macro lens. But realize that Macro photography isn't easy (it has issues that other types of photography don't have. See below.)

2) In general I recommend Sigma and Canon Macro lenses for the DRebel. For Nikon... Nikon makes really good Macro lenses but I don't know their price compared to sigma. Here my list of DRebel lenses:
Canon: 50mm f2.5, 100mm f2.8, 180mm f3.5
Sigma: 50mm f2.8, 105mm f2.8, 150mm f2.8, 180mm f3.5

The Sigmas are cheaper but as a general rule very close in quality to the Canons. The price difference can be great, though. For what you're doing (small pictures on the web) the Sigma will be good enough. I would lean towards the 105 macro. The longer the focal length the more expensive they will get, and they give you more shooting distance from the subject. You don't need this with the jewellry.

3) You don't need a lens adapter. The advantage of an SLR is that the lens attaches directly to the camera body... the body has no built-in lens (like the other cameras you list.) That is one of the big advantages of an SLR (SLR's don't have to have detachable lenses, but almost all do.)

4) The thing that makes macro difficult is that the DOF (the part of the picture that is in focus) is very, very small. To get around this, two things are done. You use lots of light, second use a large aperture. f22 is not uncommon. The type of macro you're doing is very controled, so you should think about buying some fixed lights and some kinda display cloth to use when you photograph. If you need help with lights, ask in the lighting area. You don't need to buy something fancy, but you need to buy something that doesn't have a color tint/cast to it.

5) A tripod can be a little difficult to get used to, but they are very helpful with macro work. Look into one.

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