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Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question!

I presently have a Canon Rebel X/S and I am looking to go digital and have 3 lenses with my camera.

Will I be able to use these with the Canon Digital Rebel 300D or the newly announced Digital Rebel?

My search has me thinking they can? They say compatible with Canon EF Lenses and my Rebel is.

Input please?

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Welcome to the forums.

Yes, you can use any of your EF mount lenses on the Canon Digital Rebel (or any of the Canon Digital SLR models).

However, you will have more apparent magnification with them... Because the sensor in the Digital Rebel is smaller than 35mm film, you have a different angle of view. You will sometimes see this referred to as a 1.6x Crop Factor (a.k.a., Focal Length Multiplier).

For example, a 50mm lens would have a 35mm equivalent focal length of approximately 80mm on the Digital Rebel (50 x 1.6 = 80).

If you like sports/wildlife photos, this can be a good thing (since your lenses will all appear to be longer). But, if you need to take photos in tighter spaces, you may need something wider than your current lenses. That's one of the reasons you see some lenses starting out at around 18mm now (which would have a 35mm equivalent focal length of approximately 29mm on the Digital Rebel).

Do note that the EF-S lenses you see on the market (for example, the 18-55mm "kit lens" that you'll find bundled with the Digital Rebel), will not work on your Canon 35mm camera (since they are designed specifically for Digital Cameras with a smaller sensor).

BTW, you posted this question in our Canon Forum, which is for non-SLR Canon models.

If you scroll down in the forums list, you'll see a section for Digital SLR Models , that includes aCanon EOS Digital SLR Forum. You'll also see a Canon Lenses Forum, where you can ask for advise on lenses for Canon SLR models.

I'll move this forum thread there now.

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