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It is possible to use all the Canon FD Lenses on the digital rebel correct?

I know you wont have autofocus, but my friend has a bunch of old FD lenses and is considering the digital rebel.
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I don't think it will work.
First, physically, they are not compatible.
And the electronics probably won't work out either.

There has been mention of the EF-S working on the 1Ds, but with a hacksaw to remove the plastic hunk. But the FD cannot be so easily converted to work on a rebel.
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Basically, the answer is the same as for any EOS series camera, so you need to look for a FD toEOS (EF)converter. For example: http://www.notpurfect.com/travel/photo/conv.html
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FYI - http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/v...36&forum_id=65
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I found two FD to EF converters available new.

B&HPhoto sells a Hama one for $119.95 - Hama Lens Mount Adapter - Canon FD Lenses on Canon EOS Bodies Mfr# HA30845 • B&H# HALACFDCAF

Also found an optics company in Great Britain that manufactures one

The SRB adapter includes a lens element that allows the FD lens to overcome the focus deficiency that occurs because the FD lens will be mounting further out from the capture plane (CMOS vs Film). You need to convert Pounds to Dollars and allow for a small shipping charge. All costs included you're looking at about $80 shipped to the U.S. They stock them and it usually takes only a couple of weeks to get one.

I wrote emailed them awhile back and these guys are pretty sharp. By the way, you need to be aware of a couple of issues when converting an old FD lens to function on your new Canon Digital Rebel or 20d.

1) Croping Factor is 1.6x, FD to EF adaptor also adds about .4x because of the additional lens element. So expect a total of 2.0x or a 135mm lens will give results like a 270mm on a 35mm film camera.

2) Aperture stop. Figure on losing about 2/3 of an F-stop, F1.4 will look like an F2

Hope this helps someone.....Bill
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