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Clearly too wordy so here's the edited version

Anyone know of a WA convertor (x0.6) that fits between the lens and camera? Comments on optical buildability?

Now, the long version;

OK. I love my 10D but I really underestimated the effect of the 1.6x cropping factor. Of course I am capable of multiplying 50x1.6 and coming up with 80mm for the effective length of my standard lens, but I still didn't realise how much this would restrict my field of view.

I use mostly a 20mm F2.8 on my canon film camera and have been thinking about how to get a 20mm equivalent for the 10D. Like many, I bought into the canon digital system because of existing lens stock and so want to use them across both cameras.

To match the 20mm view angle on my 10D, I'm going to need something starting at around 12mm. The primes at this length are all too pricy for my blood (almost better to pick up a 2nd hand EOS1!) so I have some decisions to make

The Sigma (10 to 22 or something, I forget) looks nice but is 600gm (20 F2.8 around 400g, which is already pretty "solid") so I am a little concermed about that. The EF-S lenses (as I understand) won't work on my 10D and wouldn't be compatible with my film camera anyway so little point laying out for that.

Then I was looking at the tele-converters and thought; is it physically possible to have a wide angle converter that fits between the lens and camera? I know that with full frame you would get vignetting but on a cropped frame this should be OK, but I have no idea (finished A-level physics MANY moons ago) if the optics are even possible, or if you would end up with way too much stray light in the camera

I can only assume that, if possible, this type of converter would already be available, but If so, this would be a very simple fix to all my (and I suspect many other's) lens woes, allowing my full frame lenses to project the same (well, ALMOST the same) image onto the smaller film plane of the 10D.

Am I dreaming?

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