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I am thinking about getting the new Rebel XT when it is available and was wondering about lens options. Are there any disadvantadges putting a teleconverter on the lens it comes with (if you can)? Or should I get a second lens? I don't plan to take closeups of small birds but would want something a little longer to get wildlife shots.


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A teleconverter on an 18-55mm kit lens? Not a good choice. Suggest you learn the new camera with whatever lens you choose to start. If you want more reach, you'll need a second lens, but that's a whole different story.

I might suggest you consider the EF-S 17-85IS as a starter. It's a great walk-around lens with excellent range and much better quality than the standard kit lens. It'll cost around $500 more than the 18-55, but has IS, better reach and is higher quality.
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Could you explain why the TC would not be a good choice for the 18-55 kit lense on the Rebel? I like the camera, am still learning to use it but have considered that I would like a little more reach. Money is a consideration as I spent more than I had planned already.
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TC's are generally designed to work with telephoto lenses of 200mm or longer. The Canon and Sigma EX TC's will not fit on lenses that are not designed to take them.

Some other brands like the Tamron TC's will fit any lens but the results will not be very good with short lenses.

You also loose 1 stop of light on a 1.4x TC and 2 stops on a 2x TC, if this brings the lens you mounted it on much past F5.6 the camera will not auto-focus with it.

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You can have a look at this post aswell

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PeterP above is absolutely correct. To determine compatability, go to B&H Photo, pull up the Canon 1.4x, and the Canon 2.0x and click on the specifications tab (I think that's the one - there are 3 or 4 tabs under the image of the TC) and it will give you the list of lenses that the particular TC is compatible with. Also, please note that there are some limitations - even with the 20D - compared to the 1Dmk2 when it comes to your camera's ability to autofocus with a certain lens coupled with a TC, below f 8.0. The 20D can't, while the 1Dmk2 is still able to AF down to the max apeture given that particular combination. I have the 1Dmk2 and the 1.4x, and I love this combination with all of the lenses that I have that are compatible with the TC (5 of them), but the buyer should be aware of the limitations given the lenses and the camera bodies when in combination with each other.

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There's also this comparison of a 400mm telephoto zoom with a 200mm with 2x teleconverter.


-- Mitch
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