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Well I have read post after post until my eyes hurt but still can't seem to formulate a good answer, so I will ask a little advice.

I have owned a 300d for about 3 months now. After purchasing it I read along on these boards and picked up the Canon 28-135 IS USM. Although a nice lens, what I am finding is that the 28-135 seems to be less than ideal for the shots I am taking.
What I find myself shooting is usually indoor activites, kid's sports, church events, banquets, candids in homes, etc. or outdoors on hiking trips. So I often find that the 28-135 is too slow for indoor low light and too long for landscapes and such.

Now I am wondering if two lenses wouldn't work better to replace the 28-135. So I am considering the Sigma 24-70 2.8 (NHL ) for low light indoors but not sure about is a good (moderate budget) companion lens to make up the difference?

Or should I keep the 28-135 and sell the 300 for a 350 with its "presumed" higher ISO performance?

Hope someone can identify with my delima.
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Think about it this way... You've just got yourself the 350/XT for free by picking a Sigma 24-70 f/2.8 instead of the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L :? :lol: :-)
... even outperforming the L @ 70mm: http://www.pbase.com/fstopjojo/image/37567885/original

Seriously though - it'll depend on your budget but a lens is easier on your wallet than a camera upgrade, plus you can re-use a lens with the next camera. It's the lens that do not meet your expectation and you have to differentiate between 'need' vs 'want'
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davedeal - I've registered to answer your question (so I hope the answer is useful :-) If all you are looking for is better ISO handling, you might want to consider uploading a firmware hack so that ISO 3200 is supported on the 300d. I've used it pretty succesfully on my 300d, and as you said it is great for indoor photography when you don't want to use flash. I've actually coupled the camera with a 16-35-2.8 and a cheap 50mm-1.8 both from Canon to get the effect you're after.

Search for firmware hacks on google if the link below is removed....


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