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Well, first of all i am semi pro photographer. Mainly i did photojurnalism, sprot events (fitness and bodybuilding especially) and some wild nature in Danube Danube Delta.

I gain my money from other activities but i like to be present at events like parties or sport events and sometimes i sell my work from those events. Also i love the Delta and wildlife, wonderfull landscapes, etc...and i sold some of that too.

Anyway, in the last period i have a new thing that keeps my mind busy.

I started to like more and more making books for sport involved people in bodybuilding and fitness.

I currently own a canon 20D, 17-40 f4, 70-200 f4, 50 f1.8, 1.4 TC, B&W UV and circular polarising filters and various other accesories.

Well, i did some nice full body (in training siutes, semi nudes, etc.. ) with my current lenses..still i feel like i didn't found the most perfect focal lenghts suited for this kind of photography.

i got nice full bodies at 150 mm , also 50 mm...still i feel too few muscular details or too much of skin imperfections...

ofcourse post processing can help a lot loosing imperfections but still..i feel like i am kind of far from perfection and i want to learn more about this kind of photography.

that been said iqould like to learn more andwould apreciate some opinions and reccomendations.

- first what focals are most suited for this kind of pictures, keeping in mind the model is most important and his phisique, body details, muscular details, sex appeal of the body... Also as body proportions are very important too things like a very wide angle lense - short focal lenght will bring image deformations (and believe me, nothing is worst for a girl taken on shot from belley button level to look at herself ona pictures and see her bottom is wider and shoulders narrower than real thing :-) )

-second what f stpos are suited. i must mention light is vital in this kind of pictures as shaddows bring muscular details at superior level. That is why using flash is rather avidablethan reccomended i think, at least this is my opinion from my poor experience.

ALso studio lightning advices or documentation would be nice.

SO whatare the bestcombinations focal lenght/distance/aperture in your opinion and from yur experience.

what primes and zooms from canon do u think will match best for my purpose?

Anyway, any advice or opinion is wellcomed, especially for oldschool guys, maybe some examples from their work, personal experience examples, anything.

Also i will pareciate some documentation links u found and consider is usefull. I know experience and thousands of pictures is the key to learn but still, i am a perfectionist and learning from others mistakes or succeses will short the learning period.

Thank you very much for your help and support.

PS: i currently work in 6x4 meter studio in my house.

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