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pianoplayer88key wrote:
Is there a film scanner that I could get in which I could load the exposed (but undeveloped film)

No, you have to have the film developed before you can scan it. A really good scanner costs about as much as a dSLR, but there are some reasonably good scanners for much less.
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i agree with epocenter, don't buy new equipment that might be ok.. because more than likely it will not.. film scanners still require you to process teh negatives and then depending on whether your scanner has digi ICE and how well your lab does at developing without getting the negative dirty or scratched, you will be spending quite a bit of time in photoshop cloning out dirt and scratches and adjusting color balance.. trust me, it gets tedious..

do yourself a favor in the long run, make do with your equipment for now.. and when you have the money, buy a nice amateur dSLR such as the digiRebel.. you will be doing yourself a favor of the magnitude i dont think you realize..

plus you WILL save money on developing costs in the long run....
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