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Has anyone heard any rumors about Canon releasing a next gen for the 24-70mm L or the 70-200 IS?

I held off on buying the 24-70 bc so many people received "soft" copies and returned them. I figured Canon would release the same lens withmore reliable optics and withIS. Has anyone heard any rumors?

Iwould really like to have anF 2.8lens that zooms in the 20-70 (or 100) range, but I am not spending $1200 on an F2.8 L serieslens that is only sharp at F4.

Just wondering if anyone has heard rumors of new lenses coming out?
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I guess all the lens tests by users on Photozone and photographyreview.com are bogus.

Can you really be serious?

Exactly how many of these users of "soft" lenses have you seen or actually know, because it would need to be alot more than a few to even be any significant percent of the total number of those lenses sold.

Reality check here- every lens made by anyone has it's share of lemons. You buy a Canon lens with a one-year guarantee. Wait for an "improved" version and it may be a while. Buy one of what's available now and there's about a 98% chance you'll buy a very good lens. I just love these "so many people" general statements on the internet.
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Actually, yes, I am serious. And Wow... that's a pretty harsh reply.

Reality Check - I wouldexpect something a little more neighborly, especially from a local. (I live in Dallas too.)


I must admit I only knowone personwho bought the 24-70 - it was a "soft" lens below F4. It was returned and refunded.

However, I have read through pretty much all of the reviews around and am confident in saying that from all _appearances_, there is a legitimate problem. When someone says they tried four lenses in a row and all were soft, then I have to assume one of three things. 1) They are telling the truth. 2) They are a Nikon employee (etc) bored and trashing the enemy. 3. They are lying.

The people who say they received a soft lens were (reportedly) performing tests.Since I have not yet tested this lens personally yet (that happens tmrw), Ihave no idea whether the claim is legit or not. (None of this was the point of my post though, was it?)

Additionally, I cannot know how many people out there have this lens and say it is "tack sharp" who haven't actually done lens tests or know how to do them. Curiously, nearly all of the negative reviews I found were from people who had tested the lens. Have you used and/or tested this lens?

Back to the point of my post.... has anyone heard any RUMORS flying around about whether Canon will be releasing a next gen lens (for the 24-70 or 70-200 IS?

In particular, I think "most Internet people" would also agree that adding the IS feature to the 24-70 seems reasonable and intriguing.

Thanks for the help padner.
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Old Apr 6, 2005, 4:56 AM   #4
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The question is still not answered. Is there nobody worldwide who can say if Canon is releasing new lenses?
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Old Apr 8, 2005, 3:07 PM   #5
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I have the 24-70L. It is tack sharp, and yes I did do the anal testing (pictures of text etc). It is actually a tad better than my 70-200L IS.

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Old Apr 8, 2005, 4:30 PM   #6
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CDesperado wrote:
I would really like to have an F 2.8 lens that zooms in the 20-70 (or 100) range, but I am not spending $1200 on an F2.8 L series lens that is only sharp at F4.
How about $365 ??? - http://www.pbase.com/fstopjojo/2470 :idea:
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Cdesperado - you listed 3 reasons why there may be so many reports of the 24-70 lens being soft below f 4.0. You left out the most probable reason, and that is that below f4.0, your DOF is so narrow, that you have to really pay attention to your focus settings and technique. I have the 24-70 L 2.8, and I know several professional photographers who have this lens, and I've never heard any of them give this lens anything but high praise. You are a Dallas resident. Go talk to the owner and his son down at Competetive Photo. Both of those guys have (no pun intended) photographic memories, know their products inside and out, and sell an absolute ton of Canon L lenses. Ask them what the return ratio is on the 24-70 L from photographers who know their craft. These two guys will give you an honest answer. I've never asked them this question because I've never had a problem with this lens, but I'd be willing to bet that I know what their answer will be.

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