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I should have been clearer - I do not consider the shutter noise on the XT loud. I was video taping an event while using the XT right next to it and the video cameras external mike did not pick up anything. I know it would if it was loud enough because my wife's film cameras shutter is very loud and the video does pick it up. (She wasn't using it that day and there was no shutter noise on the video at all.)

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Well, it's good to know that the shutter noise (proper term as opposed to "Cha Chink" noise) is relatively low, now all I would consider is a general lens. But I've been looking over past posts about suggestions and I'm starting to get a really bad headache.

I can recall a million indoor shots with my P & S that's so darn blurry, so I'd see IS as a really big plus when I'm not using flash, but then the 17-85mm is about the same price as the 70-200mm L lens... and this lens (as far and I can see so far) is a mix of opposite feelings for different people. The 18 - 125mm or whatnot sounds interesting... but I wonder what 'sacrifices' make it so much cheaper...

- and i saw something about "sharp quality lens" are you guys joking? the quality of EVERY single lens (even of the same brand) will vary with each other? darn, that really...really....sucks... I really hope I get it at the best quality the first go...

And then there are the Sigma lenses which are dirt cheap compared to Canon's and claim the quality is just as good or even better... And then people are posting graphs which I have no idea what's going on :?

Oh, and in addition to portrait shots (suggested the 50/1.8f lens), can anyone suggest a good lens for moving objects? Those are the top two shots I take... Hrm... I don't zoom much, but I'd still like to have the capability just incase (not the huge zooms like 200, less than that).
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Here are some additional sites for lens information. www.photozone.de and www.fredmiranda.com. Photozone offers a database which is quite useful for lens comparisons. Fredmiranda offers a lot of reviews by users which is also quite helpful. I tend to lean toward lenses that both of these sites rate highly. I have purchased two "L" zoom lenses and a 50mm /f1.4 prime which indeed (unfortunately for my wallet) are clearly superior to any consumer grade Canon or 3rd party lenses I have tried. Most camera stores I have visited are quite willing to let me try out whetever they have in stock.
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BoYFrMSpC wrote:
Hi, I'm also new and I was just wondering if people thought the EF-S 17-85mm lens justifies its cost...

I don't own the 17-85, but there are people who swear by it -- calling it "L" quality (which might explain its high cost)



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