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You guys are a great help. You are making me relate to how I would use the set up to you and that is also helpful for me.
Using my upcoming canoe trip as an example, I would like to take most of my lenses because: the 1x400 is light and nimble on side trips from the river, the 120x300 is great for low light and with a 2x I have a 600, the 70x200 I am pretty comfortable with for landscape and it is also great for low light [could leave this one home also] the 10x22 is my landscape quickie lense as is the 17x85. If I was backpacking for the weekend, I would ceretainly pare that way down.
I thought I could keep my complete kit in the truck most of the time when I am home or just going out a ways from the truck to get that shot I just drove by; would just grab the bag and tripod and walk the 100 yads or 1/4 mile.
How do you guys keep your stuff together for just everyday use when who knows what might pop up?
Thank so much for your help.
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Is the upcoming trip the one down here to the Buffalo River? Don't forget to holler at me before you come.

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davedeal wrote:
Cool! What are you using for the WA? 18-125?
I'm an early morning / late afternoon kind of a person for landscape since I like to catch thoses orange glows - I prefer to use the f/2.8-4 17-35mm Sigma for that extra stop
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I just bought a Lowepro Dryzone 100 backpack recently. I bought it to carry my stuff to China and back with. I really like it. It fit nicely in the carry on bin inside the airplane.

I packed my Cannon 20D, 3 lenses including a zoom lens. battery grip, external flash, and some other accessories in it.

I would highly recommend it.

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Check out this review of the Kata R-102 backpack


I got it recently and like it alot. Holds my 20D with 300 f4 L attached, 24-70 L, 17-40 L, 1.4X TC, Compact Drive PD7X and a pair of 8X21 Binocs, 20D charger, small can or air, USB cables and has room for more. Fits easily in carry on on planes or under seat. It is comfortable, has a chest strap and belly strap, camera straps to hook onto the sholder straps if you so desire. Also has a tripod holder. I picked it up for about $130-$140. You can also buy additional divider material for $35 and custom design compartments on the inside. The yellow interior color makes it very easy to find those little dark parts. Has a nice carrying handle on top. Does not do sholder carrying though if that is real important.

I'm pretty happy with it

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You guys are great help.
Trout guy; yes, the river trip is on the Buffalo as we discussed, good to talk to you.
Eric; wonderful advice, thanks so much. Any suggestions on best places to buy Lowepro?
NHL: you're killing me with these lenses. Had to try the 120x300. It may become my cheap 600mm lense.
dcl2q: thanks for the heads up on Kata; I am reviewing these now. Any suggestions on where to buy?
Peabody: the Dryzone looks like a great bag, I have been trying to get more info on it.
Probably the toughest thing is trying to make 1 bag work for everything. Lowepro seems to have a great reputation. It's great being able to view the Kata against the Lowepro. I assume Kata is equally as good. Any thoughts.
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Got mine at Digital Photo Club for $134


If you shop through shopping.com (become a member) you can get 1% discount


and I use my AMEX costco card for an additional 2% discount.
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