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You also need to consider a lens at it's widest aperture sometimes gives the poorest results in that the image is not as sharp as when used at one or two stops smaller. I'm not talking about depth of field but rather softness. The high end lenses and usually primes excel at giving you a good sharp image wide open but you gotta pay for what you get.

I just picked up a used Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 that has been tested and is very sharp; you might consider that vs the Canon offerings in the 70-200 range.

OK, waiting for NHL's third party lens comment:blah:

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[email protected] wrote:
I always thought the quality of the bokeh was due to a 6-blade versus 8-blade aperture, nothing to do with the speed of the lens.

The aperature controls the depth of focus, the higher (eg. 2.8) the more brokeh you get. Good for portraits ect.
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Trout Guy wrote:
OK, waiting for NHL's third party lens comment:blah:
I'm just a practical guy... (and not blinded by any one brand)

Kind of amusing to see folks talking themselves into a Legend when clearly objective logic indicates otherwise:
What about the higher precision AF sensors used by the 20D (or higher-end cameras) only on lenses of f/2.8 aperture or larger?
-> They are also handicapping their cameras by 'blindfolding' this accuracy away :idea:

FYI - "When the picture is taken, faster f-stop settings also produce more marked defocusing"
... IMHO "it is worth its weight in gold" too :-)
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