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Randy G. wrote:
Thanks for all the info as well as the images. You need to start a website for lens comparisons only! SHowing a ruler next to such images would also be helpful.
Hey, this just a hobby - just trying to help fellow photographers, and not starting a new career :-)

Is the Sig a "push-pull" to switch focus for AF/MF?
Yeap - Several manufacturers are now doing that on non-ultrasonic lenses

As to the AF gearing noise - I view it as a positive feature: i.e. Unless you're shooting in a church this 'feedback' from the lens are just like the 'vibes' and exhaust 'tune' from your bike ! :-) :lol: :G
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Although the Sig 24-70 EX is not exactly what I want, nothing else comes close as far as value and image quality. The f2.8 throughout the full range is a huge factor in this price range as well. I have seen the US version for full warranty for $377.00 delivered. That's a lot of quality glass for the money.

The shutter sound is so loud from the 20D that I wanted a longer lens just to be able to back off certain situations so as not to disturb. A friend wanted me to take pics at a memorial service and with the 18-55 kit lens I had to get so close that I had to try to be sensitive as to when I hit the shutter release, and moved around a lot so as to disturb lots of diffeent people ocassionally instead of the same people over and over... And that was OUTDOORS in the woods! So I think that the focusing sound will not be a problem. I just wanted to be wure it was subtle and smooth. If I wanted a loud machine that sounded like it was grinding itself to bits, I would have bought a Harley!

I do use the vibes from the 18-55 to know when it is done fooling about so I can concentrate on composing the image and not on watching for the ready light (I have the "beep" turned off). Particularly useful at various events when the situation changes a lot.

It is too bad that Sigma doesn't put more info on their website about this line of lenses (like staying in focus when zooming)! The Tamron folks do offer more info, but no MTF charts which I found interesting. Sigma should hire me to write copy for them (I have written some owner's manuals on the side- non photo stuff, though).

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