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So, I've been sitting around at Black's Photography and Henrys for about an hour trying to pick out some kind of case/bag for my newly aquired XT (Glee). However, I soon realize how big a pain picking one actually is - and I didn't even pick anything in the end.

The different types of storager types I've seen are:

1.Backpacks - with all those little spaces for a lot of lenses and other stuff
2.Shoulder bags - Holds some things, not as much as a normal sized backpack
3.Case - just to fit an SLR and a not-so-big lens
4.Metal briefcase - where it looks like you're with the forensic science team or a hired assasin.
5.Vest - with lots of little pockets to hold a few things here and there.
6.Beltpouch - ...pretty much a shoulder bag strapped around the waist.

I was initially thinking about a backpack. However, I don't think I'll be purchasing a lot of lenses to justify the space (maybe I'll have 3 or 4 total). And also if I wanted to take a snapshot here and there, I'd have to take it off my back, open it, take a shot, put it back, blah....

A metal briefcase sounded kind of cool, but the hassle of carrying that metal box around plus the fact it's not any faster to take out my camera (or switch lenses) leads me away from that idea.

Most of the others (except probably the vest) are very easy to identify as camera bags (not a lot of guys walk down the street in north america carrying something that looks like a huge purse). The beltpouch is way too big for change, so I also do not want to attract too much attention to myself. And another thing that I noticed was almost all shoulder bags can barely carry the slr + attached lens on its own...

So all in all, I'm trying to look for 3 things: general look & feel, convenience to pull out the camera when needed, and me not to be easily seen as carrying expensive camera stuff.


If you have any preferences in what type of storage you have, it'll be mighty helpful if you can express about the things you like about what you use (i.e. a shoulder bag) and maybe what you DON'T like about what you use. I'm also curious about the feel of having multiple lenses within a bag (heavy? spacey?). Do you have multiple bags (i.e. have a case for lenses at home, and one to bring with you?) And then maybe I'll (and maybe a few readers) be able to finally pick something...


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I have the Tamrac Velocity 7 that I used for my point and shoot Olympus 3040.I now use it for my Cannon 20D with my kit lens and my Sigma 70-300 APO lens,with spare battery and a few extras.It works fine right now but I will need to get a bigger bag in the future.I love the way it goes on your back but can slide to your front for easy use.I would reccomend the Velosity 9 or bigger for more lens and accessories.Also it doesnt look like a camera bag,most people either think it was a lunch bag or my main bag(I also carry a messenger bag sometimes for other things).

Hope this helps

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I use a Lowepro Mini Treker 100, it's a backpack, but I love the storage options and how it takes the weight off. Sometimes, yes, it is a pain to try to get something out in a hurry, but it holds more equipment than my gadget bag and put less strain on my neck and shoulder. And did I mention that it doesn't slip off.

It holds my 20D, 24-70mm f/2.8 Sigma, 70-200mm f/2.8 Sigma, Ef-500 DG Super, all the lens hoods, filters, as well as my portable softbox and bounce set. On the outside there are straps to put your tripod on the bag as well.
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I use a Pelican hard case.

It's water tight and you can customize the foam insert to fit any shape of camera.

I got it at B&H.

-- Terry
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Pelicans for travel.
A multitude of mostly lowe-pro cases depending on situation.
Everything from the Treaker backpack, to the Orion waist pack to a small topload zoom bag. Collecton keeps growing. :-) way past 15 bags now.

Heres an old image of them from when the cats bag-farm only had 10 bags, I really need to get it updated :!:

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