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Hi, everyone

The more I read for my lens purchase, the more confused I become
...:?fredmiranda, bobatkins,thedigitalpicture..

1. As my prosumer camera was stolen, I'm jumping to Dslr, I like D20 body ( not only for features) but because its confortable in my hands and XT is too tiny.

2. I think D20 will be the Camera "for my lifetime"... then... I don't care about EF-S lens but, I'm open to your advice with full frame lenses and third parts.

3.Mostly I shot portraits to my kids and a lot of "Urban Landscape" (ligths on buildings, mirrors, shadows, Daily life...the man with the accordion....rare things.. you know..

I think that the speed isn't an issue for me (or I think so) since I don't shoot moving objects, very low light.... though I love the special "bokeh"...of f2.8

4. My budget is about +/- 2000$ camera included and I think that I'll can't tricky my wife with more lenses.....or second oportunities..

5. At first I was thinking in

A) Kit lens 18-55 USM version + Canon EF 70-200mm f/4.0L USM = +/-$2100; later I thought about

B) 17-85 kit = +/- $2000 I have read good and bad things about this lens(it's even better L's, but soft,CA..) ??

In one hand, as I don't like so much to change lenses (I don't care but I don;t like), I think this is a good walkaround lens, has IS and maybe fits in my necessities?? what do you think?? ...

but in the other hand I'll miss the range that I have in option A)

C) look for somethig between A)-B), perhaps Sigma 18-125mm F3.5-5.6 DC,18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC or Tamron, Tokina... ??

D) :idea:back again to the Oly 8080 or buy the single kit 18-55 USM and wait for events as I'll grow into Dslr world.

for your advice to this future? "d20 newbie"

P.D. forgive me guys, for my English but "Shakespeare Language":-) isn't my "Mother Language"....:sad:
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It sounds like you are refering to the 20D, made by Canon correct? That's really the only thing I saw wrong in the post. =o) Good luck... I own the Canon Digital Rebel, and I love it.

The 20D is a great camera and can last many of us a lifetime, if we were patient. *wink*

I'm a lens newbie, but I know tons about the camera bodies themselves. Private message NHL, he's the Lens Guru. (knows a lot about them!)

Good luck!

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If you haven't actually purchased the camera yet, you should know that there are two kits available. One with the 18-55 and the other with the 17-85 IS. You save about $100 off the lens price buying the 17-85 kit making it a little more affordable. The 17-85 tends to get mixed reviews but I love mine. I find the IS excellent for the type of shooting I do. Mine is also very sharp, in fact I found that I get superb results equal to or better than my 17-40L which I have since sold. I also tried the Sigma 18-125 but found my copy was quite soft and the focus is slow and noisy compared to the 17-85. I don't think there is a real one lens solution without considerably more compromise. The 70-200L f/4 is an excellent (lightweight) longer zoom which is not too expensive, or a little more money will get you a Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 which also gets good reviews but I personally have not tried it. It's all subjective opinion but I can recommend the 17-85 as an excellent general purpose starter lens for the 20D.
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Im a Canon 300d user (2 Months) with the 18-55 kit lens. Get this lens as it takes a great job, especially at 55.

i just got the Sigma 70-200 f2.8EX APO HSM. Takes almost perfect shots at 1/4000, 2.8 in full sunlight. I also have a Sigma 2.0 Extender so i can have a 140-400 f5.6. Im using the Canon 300d so it becomes 224-640.

Cost only $750AU, which is about $400 in US. Ahhh, the bargains on eBay!

Email me if you want to see some more shots ive taken with it.

This is with the 2.0 Extender on at 400mm. Handheld 1/2000 f8.0.
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Hi, guys

Thanks in advance for your answers.

Yes tlmiller10, you're right the Model is 20D...time shows no mercy...:-)*wink*

Nice birdtwofruitz. What's? ......... a Kookaburra??

I'm for sure the Sigma 70-200 f2.8 is a great lens; even, I think Guru NHL has one (or I remember he's posted something about this lens??), but also I think is too much for my purpose (mostly walkaround).

Ohhh men!!... I'm laughing myself...:lol::lol: because when I began this thread I had a problem chooising the lens and when I've read yours post also I've a problem choosing the body...

Now, I'm thinking get the17-85like Humrmesays (mixed reviews...then ..better if I try it myself),and :ideaerhaps "downgrade" the body to a most affordable D300 and with the difference on price get or wait for another lens.

Whatever, I'll check my "DOW" ...Deep of Wallet..!! once againto review all the options.

ThanX you guys for your advice.
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