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i've got a Digital Rebel (300D) w/ a 18-55mm lens and an "old" 70-300mm. i've owned the 300D for about a year now probably taken a couple of thousands pics w/ it, but, and shame on me, i took most of them w/ the camera set in automatic...

i've taken a course in photography (w/ SLR) about 2 years ago, but i'm just too lazy to actually take pic in manual, and more importantly to afraid to screw up the pics that i'd rather let the camera chose the settings... i know i should practice more...

prior to the 300D, i had a Rebel XT w/ which i took 5-6 thousand pics, again most w/ the camera set in automatic...

before getting the 300D, i did a bit of research/reading, and it seems to me from all that reading that it was not uncommon for first time users of digital SLR to get blurry pics, well at least more than w/ a regular camera...

well i did get these and even after using the 300D for over a year i still get them from time to time, but anyway...

now my main reason for looking at getting a new lens is to fill the gap btw the end of the 18-55mm and the beginning of 70-300mm... many times i've found myself switching back and forth btw the 2 lenses w/o being happy with the available range... i.e missing the "in-btw" 55-70mm...

so i've been thinking at a couple of options:
- Canon 17-85mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM
- Tamron 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 XR Di II
and now after reading quite a few posts here, the Sigma 28-135mm f/3.8-5.6 looks like it could be a good choice too...
and while i'm at it, i've also been thinking of maybe replacing/upgrading the 70-300mm lens...

i usually take landscapes hence why i want to be able to go to a wide angle, i like to take pics of buildings and close-up of some of the architectural details hence the zoom... i don't do people/portrait too much although i might start doing more... i also really enjoy taking and putting panoramic together... finally i like to take flightseeing trip and do take quite a fair bit of pics during these, and i do use the wide-angle to close-up range during these flights.

now while my main goal is to fill the gap btw 55mm and 70mm, i'm also wondering/hoping that "upgrading" may take care of these few blurry pics that i take every now and then...

i keep reading reviews after reviews and it seems every time i read a new one it contradict the previous one... so i keep going back and forth btw lens and really to be honest i'm at a lost here now...

so given all that... what should i do really?

in all honesty, and i'm pretty sure some of you will be quick to point that out, i'm thinking the issue around the blurry pics may not be camera or lens related, but more likely a user one... and that even with "better" lenses the end results are still gonna be the same... blurry pics every now and then...
also since i use the camera mainly in automatic mode, should i even bother w/ different lenses until i manage to force myself to use the manual mode?
also bear in mind that i would really like to fill the 55-70mm gap so really which lens(es) should i get then???

oh and i guess my budget per lens would be around $300-$400 or so...

thanks for reading though!

ps: here are some of the pics i've previously took w/ the 300D during a river rafting trip on the Alsek River up in the Yukon/BC/Alaska...
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Well heck, I've got tons of blurry pictures.

Never been any I'd blame on the camera (or lens) though. All my own mistakes. Still, that's the great thing about digital, just delete them - costs nothing at all. :-)

With just about any modern lens a good photograper can get good pictures, in fact I'd suggest that part of being a good photographer is to learn how to get the best out of your equipment. Of course it's still fun to buy stuff though.

Do you need another lens? Well, I don't think you need to fill the gap in focal length between a 55 & 70mm. But it does make sense to say you want a bigger zoom range for the convenience of not having to change lenses.

I'm an owner and fan of the EF-S 17-85mm, but for your purposes I think the Sigma 18-125 would be a good choice, or perhaps even the Sigma 18-200. It sounds like the extra convenience of the zoom range is what you're looking for.

In general the wider the zoom range the bigger the optical compromises, but they both seem to be good (though perhaps not excellent) lenses. It doesn't sound like you're in any imminent danger of trying to sell your work for a living or trying to put on a show in a gallery, so I'd suggest that the convenience would make up for the minor compromises in quality. And when you need the longer range you still have your 70-300.

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