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Any opinion on the above topics in term of sharpness of image while taking protrait at around 50mm, and how effective is the "IS" on the eliminating handshake for both lens. I have just bought a 350D with the kits lens and is disappointed with the kit lens.
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these lenses are very similar and will give you similar sharpness at focal lenths used for portraits..

just out of curiousity, what don't you like about the kit lens.. it is a very nice lens for the price and is capable of sharp images.. as you may or may not know, images coming out of a dslr are purposefully soft.. this is compliment to you the buyer from canon, as they assume that you will be doing some post-processing after you shoot your images.. so if you are not.. learn some post-processing, whether it be using photoshop psp or whatever.. you will need to give you images some unsharp mask and some level adjustments to get the sharp images you desire.. if you know all this, then just disregard what i have said, as i have no knowledge of your skills..

if you have any further questions, let us know..

best regards, dustin
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Using the kit lens, the 350D generally set the shutter to 1/50 or 1/30 when I am taking outdoor, but undercloudy sky. Because of this slow shutter issue, I tend to get blur image.

In addition, the zoom is insufficient, so I am hoping to purchase the 17-85 or 28-135mm lens, which I cannot decide. Both lens has its merit in zoom, 17-85 wide to short tele, while 28-135 will be tele, after the 1.6 convertion.

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Its fairly obvious what you don't like about the kit lens....

that would be ? The pictures it resolves on your fun sized sensor. There, that was easy.

Ok so anyway, too late nowthe horse has bolted, You bought the camera with the junk kit lens it came with. No matter, you can recover the situation.

Go to the Canon site, local photography shop or wherever. Get yourself the 17-40 f4 L. Thats Canon 17-40 f4 L. This is the perfect first lens for you. Don't fight whats right. Write it down so you don't get muddled up later. It will be close to the price of the 17-85 IS junk your considering. I hope all those who say L is expensive are listening here.(whisper...actually the 17-85 IS aint that bad for the camera you mentioned, but I didnt say that ok. Plus thereĀ“s certain limitations with that lensyou don't need tolearn about).

Come back thank me later. :G
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