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I just got the Canon Digital Rebel XT today and I like the lens it came with, but I can already tell that I will want one that zooms in a bit further. I just want to be able to sit across the room or across the yard from my daughter and snap a shot of her playing without needing to move in close and disturb her. I would also like to use it for family vacations and stuff like that. I just spent $1000 on a camera, so needless to say I dont have tons of money to spend on another lense. But I want it to take crisp, sharp photos of my family. Do you have any suggestions?
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i would suggest the Sigma APO MACRO SUPER II 70-300mm F4-5.6.. it is simply one of the best value's in telephotos on the market.. it is far sharper than anything made by Canon at a similar price range.. it can be had for $175 from this company


i have dealt with them in the past and can say that i have had nothing but good customer service and fast delivery..

best regards, dustin
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Please, please, please consider all things before buying a Sigma or another 3rd party lens. I think (considering your budget) you should look at the 28-105 (the good one) or the 28-135. Both made by Canon
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I have the 28-135 IS USM in question and I can tell you this lens is very loose after normal use - Even the lens hood (which I paid extra for) is now free rotating and can come off any time.

-> Canon does not mean better quality accross the board
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I agree with Dustin.I got the Sigma 70-300 APO F4-5.6 Super II Macro which was recommended ny NHL,and really like this lens.Would I like a IS lens?Yes but that comes next.I shake like a 100yr old man so with out some kind of support(tripod or while laying on the ground my camera bag)it is a little shakey at full 300mm,but it is a good lens.

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hey csnudelman,

Where the heck were you when I was in the corner alone fighting off the amimals...(thats also a joke boys) :-)I cant believe it. There is someone else you sees the light:G

Ok seriously,

However, ChristusG, its going to be very hard to argue the canon cause so to speak in terms of tele-focal if your tight on a budget. So Hards80 suggestion looks good. Without wanting to repeat myself to often. I will bump the Canon 70-200 f4 which is about the best value canon glass available. Again as said before, indoors, well lit rooms, ISO 400-800 and the kids not flying about too much, it will provide. This games a compromise even when money is no object so when it is you just have to swing it more toward your direction. Buy some high wattage light bulbs for the room the kids play in. They wont notice you changing them. This is not flattering light so shoot in Raw, and play with thew balance andlevels and you will get plenty keepers. Outdoor, no problemyou will be over the moon.

You didn't mention your budget so its hard to really know if this helps you.
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I purchased 2 second hand lenses to go with my rebel 300D, a canon 28-105 usm (not loose at all and takes wonderful portraits of my grandchildren) I also got the 100-300 USM canon lens and contrary to what I had read, it is very sharp in the right situationand is great for outdoor shots of sport, children and wildlife all of which Ive shot handheld, these below are with.the 100-300 usm handheld.

The next two are indoor with the built in camera flash with the 28-105

Im happy with these two used lenses, got them cheap through Ebay and saved a bit of money, at least until I can afford to upgrade.

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