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Please excuse the somewhat general, newbie question. I've searched and searched and read and read until my little brain is spinning. All of this info is a little overwhelming. I am hoping to get some feedback on issues I may encounter with these lenses.

I am drooling over the 20D and wondered if anyone had any comments about the suitability of this setup for shooting mostly handheld outside scenes, kid's sports, and moving animals.

Canon EF 20-80 f3.5-5.6 II $109.00

Canon EF 75-300 f4.0-5.6 III USM $289.00

Canon EOS 20D (body) $709.00

1. This seems almost suspiciously inexpensive. Anyone deal with royalcamera.com?

2. What am I compromising with these lenses?

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if it seems too good to be true.. then it is.. as is the case with royalcamera... stay away, stay far away from these guys..

and stay away from those lenses too..

here is a better option for you...

why not check out the rebel xt. it is a nice little camera that can do almost anything the canon 20d can. start out getting it with the kit lens which is pretty good. then save up for a good telephoto lens. you can pick up a nice sigma 70-300 Macro Super II APO for a pretty good price and it will blow away the canon 75-300.

check out www.bhphotovideo.com you can trust these guys..

here is the link to Rebel XT in Black with the kit lens for 899USD http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/cont...goryNavigation
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either try the Rebel XT or try and find a store having a nice sale.I got my 20D for $1180 after the $100 rebate.Also get the kit lens it is cheap and isnt that bad.I bought the 70-300 APO SUPER II Macro for $219 from B&HPhoto.I really like this lens for the price.

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I usually get my gear from b&h photo video which is a very reputable store.

B&H's prices are pretty competitive these days. Usually lower prices involve a "hitch" like a hard sell, extra shipping charges, hassle on returns, missing manualsand all sorts of nonsense.

The XT would be a nice camera, for sure. The advantages of the 20D is the ISO3200, perhaps a more rugged body, and a few other minor features that the XT doesn't have.

Having said all that, I have the 20D and I think it's a great camera, no question. It's a serious amateur or "semi pro" camera.

I would think of the Rebel XT as a serious amateur camera.

Personally I would buy lenses that are comparable in quality to the camera you are buying. Putting a $100 zoom lense on a $1,000 camera is like putting a budget set of tires on a Porsche sports car.

On the other hand, if you're not making money from your pictures, unless you've got lots of discretionary spending money, why buy "pro" gear if you're not a pro? Maybe Canon "L" glass might be a little out of your price range.

Canon makes a decent 50mm F1.8 lens, for instance, for about $80 that is a real steal. The Canon F4 70-200 is a great lens, at about $600.

I quite like Tamron zooms. They cost$300 to $600 for most of their zooms and are good serious amateur lenses (but not pro lenses, lets not kid ourselves).

I generally stay away from the sub $200 zooms.

-- Terry

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Royal Camera is not the place to do business with. That is unless you like to get ripped off. This is one of the places that like to do a HIGH PRESSURE SELL. They will call you to try to get you to buy all kinds of accessories at highly inflated prices. If you don't buy the accessories from them they may say that Camera is out of stock or it is on back order.

A lot of people buy from B&H Photo. I buy from Cameta Camera.

As far as the lenses go you might consider these:

Sigma 28-70 f2.8-4 ($70.00)

Sigma 70-300 f4-5.6 Super Macro II APO ($180.00)

For the 20D I would get the Kit lens with it. It is not a bad lens. As with all lenses you will find that they have their quirks and sweet spots. I have both of those lenses plus a 28-210 Tokina for my walk around lens. Final choices will be up to you and your budget.

Good Luck and have Fun with whatever camera a lenses you do get.

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Hards80, Stridexl, Terry and bluwing,

Thanks for the input. When I Googled Royal Camera I sure got an eyeful...should of done that before I posted! B&H seems like the place. They currently have the 18-55mm lens kit for $1300. I guess I'll have to wait and save for a loooong lens.
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Best thing to do is save the money.I am real tempted to buy a less quality lens to get the length I want but havent done it yet.waiting until I have the money for a 28-135 is canon even though would like an 18-125 with IS.

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