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hum, vindolanda sounds like UN... too bad, those threads can be quite fun :blah:!!! I was also (positively) surprised by the contribution of Lorraine in that thread... or the (perpetual) argument in this one(read carefully)!

On the hood side, Canon seems to be short of them all over Europe. I've been lucky and managed to get mine from a local store in the NL, but they ran out ofit in less than a week time and are waiting again for delivery!

If I can't get local supply, I use this french web site


they mostly have those things in store, or order it for you!

Good luck

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Thanks for the link. I will give it a go. Really need that hood.

This is obviously going to sound biased due to the end result, but I anyway initially thought LBoy gave good information here albeit a bit tongue in cheek and misunderstood atsome times. Otherwise I wouldn't have made the request below.

I had previously mailed LBoy to request two photographic prints of his/hernatureshots that were posted here some weeks ago in the wildlife section.The idea being as a gift for my niece who loves wildlife photography and particularly small monkeys. I asked if this would be possible and how muchthis would cost. In a prompt reply I was toldthat the two requested printswould behappily sent, withnocharge, would I like A4, A3, or A2 prints. After the surprise, I said if not too much trouble A3 would begreatly appreciated.

The prints in the flesh are fantastic, they are now framed and have made a certain 14 year old very happy.

Just like to thank you very muchfor that. It wasn't my intention tomention here but after the bullying remark thought I would. (hope postingthis doesn't cause any problems for you though).

Thanks again.

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It's a shame that a $600 lens doesn't even come with a hood. The one I got for mine is the Canon EW-73B. It is available at 17th Street photo and www.bhphoto.com. Hope this helps.

And yes, vindo, you're right. I usually consider myself above these childish flames, but sometimes I feel the need to speak out when someone posts unnecessarily inflammatory remarks. We should be nice to each other, that's all. So I'll take your good advice, and heed my own as well. Thank you.

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I just posted a new topic on the question of the white specks. I've got two--one off to the side where it doesn't interfere with the glass and one that does at longer focal lengths.

As for the hoods, you can find them on Ebay for about the same price as retail new.
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