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Hi all.

I recently upgraded my 300D for a 350D and I'm looking for a nice walk around lens to go with it, mainly to be used for Tourist shots short term.

I have the standard 18-55 & a cheap 90-300 but I would like something between the two. After reading the posts on here I have been looking at the Canon 17-85, the Canon 28-105f3.5-4.5 & the Canon 28-135 with the IS. I'm leaning towards the 28-135 but the price in Australian stores is around $899AUS, or $670ish US. I have noticed online stores in the states have it listed around the $440-500US mark. The 17-85 would be nice but seems to be about $50US more here, selling aroud $720US.

I'm heading to the states in a few weeks and I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what I should be paying for this lens if I walk into a store in New York.

Also, the IS is not a major attraction for me, it would be nice but by no means a necessity. I want something with nice optics & agood zoom range. Price is an issue, $500 US is about my limit. The 28-105 (3.5-4.5) would be ideal but it's proving hard to locate in Western Australia.

Any thoughts and/or recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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cant really recommend a lens to you as I am going to buy the 28-135 is soon myself.But I can recommend a store in NYC for you.Stop in at B&H Photo and Video on 34th st and 9th Ave.I go there all the time and love it.It has everything you could want,great service,knowledgable peopl and all the equipment you want or need.

Hope you find what you want.Also you may have to send the camera back to the US if something goes wrong with it in Aus.

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28-135 was the all-time most popular accessory zoom for film SLRs. Henri Cartier-Bresson never published a photograph taken with a lens outside that range. Of course, even if you don't intend to be a famous French photographer, you can see that the range of that lens must be quite useful.

Problem is, with your 300D or 350D (or 10D or 20D for that matter), a 28-135mm lens is different on your camera, equivalent in FOV to 44-216mm on a FF camera. While the long end of that can be useful, the short end is lacking wide angle, and I find I take a lot of pictures--especially on vacation--in the 17-28mm range. My guess is you'll need wide angle more than telephoto in New York. You could supplement a 28-135 with your 18-55mm, but that means carrying two lenses. That's why Canon made the 17-85mm IS. Its FF equivalent FOV is 27-136--the old favorite plus one mm at each end. When I was down at your latitude on vacation, I took the 17-85, 100-400, and Sigma 12-24. 80-85% of my pictures were with the 17-85. The bad news is Canon's pride in that lens makes it quite expensive. $600 is the B&H price, vs $400 for the 28-135.

Other than B&H, the only New York camera dealer I have used is digitalfotoclub.com, who has a very good reputation. I think their retail store has a different name, though. Other than those, I cannot recommend one. I know there are supposedly more crooked camera stores than bums on the street in New York, though, so be sure you know the store before you walk in! Check out resellerratings.com as a starting place.

Still another lens option might be a Sigma or Tamron 18-200. Those have had some surprisingly good reviews of late. They both fall within your budget. The current Popular Photography has a side by side with the Sigma 18-200 ($378 at digitalfotoclub.com or $399 at B&H) and Canon 28-300L (28-300 being the FF equivalent zoom), and in that comparison, the Sigma looks pretty impressive next to that expensive, heavy white lens, IS not considered of course.
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