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Specifically speaking of the Tamron AF 24-75mm f2.8 XR Di vs. the Canon EF 24-70mm f2.8L, is the Canon worth the extra $800?

Well well, this old chestnut again .... haha.

It really is a matter of personal opinion. But it does vary to a greater or lesses extent depending on what lenses we are talking about.

(lets assume your not specializing in wide or telefocal photography)

Now for the range you are talking about its interesting. The 24-70 range is the most widely needed and used focal length (on average) in photography. Therefore it could be argued that if a lens of this type is on your camera 70 percent of the time or more, the extra build quality and weather/dust sealing qualities of the canon is worth the extra. Its glass ain't too bad either ,., haha. It really is a fantastic lens that should last a lifetime - without concern of upgrading your future canon bodies also.

Yes I'm sure some people are blinded by the red ring, but there are just as many who have made their mind up on an individual case to case basis.The subtle difference between the high end lenses of different companies is something you should choose depending on your own feeling of its image rendition, focus mechanism,build quality, reliability and of course your personal financial and photographic circumstances.

Personal experience regarding a comparison of the two unfortunately I cannot give. The canon 24-70 is a lens I use extensively and wouldn't personally consider the tamron in this case. The build quality alone is worth it to me. But thenew sigma 30 1.4 is a lens I will be picking up when I get the chance as its an exceptional performance to price is useful to me. I will see how much sothis is inperformance and feelwith respect tothe canon 35 1.4 in due course. I'm sure at the very least it will be a useful and inexpensive backup. This is a case where the I would agree the cost difference does not represent quality. (remembering of course I can only use this lens with my backup 20D and not full frame) So some trade off there for your savings.

In all it's not really a question that can be successfully answered. Shoot with what your happy with.


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