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It was a pretty daft question (because so broad) in the first place, but I thought Lboy's first response was helpful, well considered and very reasonable.

If you got a multiple choice quiz with the question:

You own a Canon Rebel XT, which is the best lens manufacturer to choose:
a. Canon
b. Tamron
c. Sigma

The only sensible answer is (a).

If you had:
d. It depends on the lens.

Then everyone would choose (d).

As to her general point which is "buy L if you can" I can hardly see it's going to harm your photographs. It may harm your wallet; but that's a different matter.

And NHL's general point is that the question is too broad to be particularly useful, which I think we all agree on.
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Imacer wrote:
Which is a better lens Tameron, Sigma or Canon. I have a Canon XT.
As was already stated, it simply depends on the lens. Which type of lens are you looking for, what are you planning to shoot, and how much are you willing to spend? Knowing these things, we could probably recommend a lens or two by every manufacturer you listed.
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