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Summer is quickly coing to an end in Alberta andI was wondering if anyone had advice for taking pictures outside on winter days. I have two Canon L lenses that I don't want to ruin.


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Taking it out to the cold is usually not the issue, but bringing the lenses back to a warm (and humid) place is :idea:

... The camera may behave the opposite though :-)
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There are a lot of past posts on this topic :-).

NHL is right, the lenses should have no problems going out in the cold. Comming back in to the warm both the camera and lens need to be protected somehow.
Bagging them in a large ziplock bag while still outside, before entering a warm place will work.
The condensation will build up on the bag instead of on and in the camera.

The cameras batteries will not like the cold. I use two batteries, one in the camera and one in an inside pocket being kept warm. Switching them as needed, the cold one should warm up and become usable again.

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Hi !

Actually, as you own "L" lenses, as these are professional's dedicated lenses... they are more resistant to many things of "normal pro's activities" as what you state... Do not forget that pro's just don't have the leizure of pampering all their équipment while on assignments...

Therefore, taking some of the above precautions, will keep you out of problms for sure ! The price asked for these "L" lenses, is for such extras...

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some ot the L lenses (and the 1d bodies) have better "weather sealing", they are not air-tight or waterproof :?
Weather sealed just means they can stand being out in a bit of rain or snow.

Cold frozen equipment hitting warm moist air cause condensation inside and out on an unprotected camera.

y responses from George Lepp ent. last year about cold camera use said to make sure equipment is somehow protected when comming in from the cold.
(After I went mostly digital, I queried a lot of companies and people about digital use in cold weather last year:blah:, Lepp ent. response made the most sense and I think was the best ).

My winter use: If the camera & lens are relatively small I use a large freezer ziplock bag. If they are large like a 300 F2.8 it all goes into a cold pelican case and is allowed to warm up slowly.
In an emergency an entire backpack of equipment can be sealed in a garbage bag to warm up.
Yes, I carry a supply of freezer and garbage bags and in every camera case. It is usfull in summer too, I once got caught in a "light squall" at Hopewell cape that in seconds completely soaked me and soaked right through into a AW camera bag before I could get to shelter.

It only takes a drop of condensation in the wrong place to kill a modern electronic marvel. Or create an annoying smear on an inside lens element you can't reach.
Maybe someone wants to expirement, but when the contents of my backpack are worth more than my truck(even with a full tank of gas) I don't want to find out the hard way :-)
And insurance won't cover it:!: all they will give me anymore is fire & theft since the gear value went over 10K$


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