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I'm quickly discovering that the 18-55mm kit lens that came with my 20Ddoes not have quite enough zoom for my needs. After a lot of research I have narrowed my choices down to the Canon 28-135 IS and the Tamron 24-135. Most of my pictures will be of my two small boys so I'm thinking IS will be of little use, but I might find it helpful for taking pictures of home interiorsfor work. Which lens is going to give me the bestpictures? Also, which lens is built better?

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Hi !

Well, I don't know if you are really aware of the real use of the "IS" option. But there is one thing I can telle you... This is a great feature ! but only not much used...!

This is really usefull only to control your own shake, at moderated slow speed, around 1/8 to 1/60 th of a second... If you are in this speed range AND your subject moves... forget it... you'll never have a nice shot anyway !

One more thing I can say ! Just TRY these lenses on the same body BEFORE buying any of those ! As results may greatly vary from one lense to another similar, for the same sensor... AND samething from a body to another for a given lens !!!!!!!!!

Now, it's a match between the body and lens that makes the quality of the final result...! that was not like that with film...!

Figure out the Canon 28-105 too ! as this one is sharper than the 28-135 on a 10D !

Enjoy your new lens !

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