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I plan to buy the Rebel XT + EF 100/2.0 for indoor gymnastics.

Inthat specific location, a 35mm film SLR camera 135mm,ISO400, 1/4 aperture, I go to a maximum 1/60speed and the pictures look nice except movement blur.

Conclusion was: I need more than 135mm to frame it better, ISO up to 1600 (better 3200) and 1/2.0 aperture for more than 1/500 speed.

Now the question: if I use such a large aperture 1/2.0, with this specific lens EF 100/2.0 is the focus fast to lock precise at 15m distance?

I will get out of focus? :??Focusing at 15m with that lens,the DOF will be around 2m. Is this enough for fast moving gymnastics?

I choose the EF100 for price reason. I could not afford a zoom with that large aperture or even a longer prime (ex EF135/2.0).

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the 100mm should do you just fine. I shoot my daugters gymnastics using an 85mm f/1.8 and the 50mm f/1.8 with very good results. I also have a 70-200mm f/2.8 but did not have it for last season meets, so I have not had the chance to try it at gymnastics yet. I would suggest trying to come up with another $70 or so for the 50mm to go along with the 100mm. Can't beat it for the price and there may be some places where the 100mm is just too long.
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Definetly shoot at ISO1600.

If you can get your aperture up to F2.8 or F3.4 your going to have a better DOF.

It's okay to have a little bit of blur on the hands or feet, if it allows you shoot at 1/500th or 1/250th.

After the shoot, you can probably correct for one stop worth of light (ie. brighten the image) using software.

Yah, your pushing your cam to the limits. I have a 20D and the ISO3200 is helpful to squeeze out one more stop.

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