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I got headache to choose a right lens. I try the Canon EF 24-70mm F2.8L USM and the quality is great but I have trouble with handshake in low light environment. This month, Canon begins to sell the EF 24-105mm F4.0L IS USM. I wonder if I change to this new lens, will it really make difference in low light environment? Or I should always carry a tripod. Or anyone will recommend a lens but only consider L lens. Please share your pro opinions. Thanks a lot

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I honestly can't see how people can say you can do indoor (no flash) photography with 2.8 . On my sigma 30 f/1.4 I RARELY go as high as 2.8.

If it comes to indoor photography during the day where the there's lots of illumination from the outside, then OK: 2.8 is doable. But other things like illumination from artificial lights (bar lights, reg bulbs, etc) could definitely benifit from a faster aperture.

Since the IS in the 24-105 acts like 3 fstops its (sorta) like saying the lens can handle situations like if it was F1.4 . If it's static objects, then I guess the lens can be good. I say guess because this will probably depend on your chosen focal length. longer ends will be harder to deal with. Just to give you an idea: with my 30 prime at f/1.4 and in low light ( bar lighting), with ISO 1600 the shutter speed is usually around 1/30sec.

If you're taking pictures of moving objects in that low light environment, then the 24-105 is out of the question.

Maybe a prime L?
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IMhO IS is also a poor excuse for not learning how to use flash(es) :idea:

Unless you're absolutely not allowed to use flash, a properly lighted image always come out better (contrast, saturation, etc...) than a poorly lit situation. Have anyone seen a 'bad' studio shot?
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What kind of subjects you plan to shoot? Can't you use flash? f4 isa slow lens for inside, for low light even f2.8 is not enough. If tripod is allowed, use it.

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IMHO: That new Canon EF 24-105mm F4.0L IS USM will be a great general purpose walk-about lens.

At F4 max, It is not designed for low light usage, not without very long shutter speeds which will still need the use of a tripod. And IS won't help with subject movement during long exposures.

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A 420EX, 550EX or 580EX flash with LumiQuest's 80-20 Pocket Bouncer does a very nice job inside.
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thanks all... I am a newbie in this field... so, I am going to take eveyone's advise and hopefully I can take some better photos :|
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What body are you shooting with? The 20D for example can only utilize its "ultra" focus point in a lens that is f2.8 or wider, so not only will f4 let in only half as much light, but auto focus would be slightly worse as well. I'm not sure if this applies to the Rebel or 10D.

The 24-70 is an excellent lens, and would be one I would be willing to work with in a low light environment under the right conditions. With this lens and a properly applied flash you should see excellent results.

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