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Henrys recently had a sale on the 120-300, it was going for about 2700$cdn I think.

Best place I've found for prices on Sigma lenses is Downtown Camera.
http://www.downtowncamera.com/ especialy if they know you, or you are a member of GTCCC http://www.gtccc.ca/ or at least CCIC http://www.country-images-newmarket.com/

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I don't use, as a matter of routine, filters. I don't want to stick another piece of light reflecting glass between the subject and my lens. Do I ever use filters? I have two filters to fit my lenses. One is a politzer because there is no post processing that can compensate for it. My choice is to accept the risk of whatever harm a filter can do (using the politzer) to an image to remove the glare I know will be in the image otherwise. The second is a UV filter that I would use in, for example, a sand storm (you get the idea). I can't remember when I last used an UV filter, but, someday I may feel the need. ALWAYS use your lens hood. Protect the lens and reduce to possiability of glare. I can only reccomend the German made filters, Heliopan or B+W, if one needs to use a filter.
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I always put a UV filter on my lenses for added protection and I use Hoya multi coated ones.

In my personal experience I can't see any difference in image quality with the filter on or off and I get extra peace of mind that my £££££ lens isn't ruined if I scratch the front etc. I tend to be a bit clumsy anyway!

Either way you look at it, I'm happy with using filters and the subsequent image quality so it's not an issue for me.

I would suggest borrowing a filter or trying one out and see if you can see any difference.
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the use of a good quality filter is in most situations a plus especially in many environs that i shoot in. but in certain lighting conditions (point source in low light most often the removal can reduce the chance of ghosting). i have all my lenses covered using a filter but on occasion do remove them to shoot. i have lost 3 filters in the past 28 years from direct hits and dinged enough filter rings (that would have been the threaded edges of a lens) to make a lens collectors skin crawl. i use my gear in all conditions and all over the world. the use of a hood is an added good thing but they do tend to come off easier in crowds and such. i have chased a few around on the ground.

the last time i was over in the middle east and used both the wind just ended up putting a teaspoon or so of what they call sand right in the hood in about half hour hanging on my body. and it was a severe clear day

its all optional. i just choose to use them. i still get paid either way.
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