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I am interested in the Tamron 28-105mm f2.8 lens to use on my 20D. Primary purpose will be general use and basketball.

Anybody able to tell me of their experience with this lens? My main concern is image quality and autofocus speed.

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First, I don't have that lens. I have the newer 28-75 f2.8. The 28-105 seems to be an older lens from Tamron, 1998?current price (new) approx. $650-750. With all the advances in lenses designed for digital, are you sure you want to invest that kind of money on an alens that was introduced 8 years ago? While I like my Tamron, it is a little soft wide open and doesn't focus as fast as my Canon USM lenses. You might want to consider some of the newer offerings from Sigma or Canon.

Just a thought.
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I am very interested in this lens also. I have the Tamron 28-75 2.8, and I love it except for it's limited zoom range.

Don't get too caught up in the "designed for digital" marketing hype. All lenses generally perform better on digital cameras as a result of the "crop factor" anyways. The smaller sensor of a DSLR only uses the central portion of any lens, where most lenses perform best. In addition, there are some so-so "new digital" lenses out there, while there are many, many more standard lenses that greatly outperform these "designed for digital" lenses, on any type of body, film or digital, full-frame or not. Note that Canon's L line, as well as Sigma's top-of-the-line EX models, aren't "designed for digital"...

It really just depends on the quality, and price can be (but not always of course) an indicator of quality. This 28-105 still costs twice what the 28-75 costs, so you would expect to get more out of the 28-105. The first thing is obvoiusly increased range, and fast aperture throughout the range.

If this lens is fairly sharp wide open, and is fairly fast focusing, then I would definitely consider it. I do wish it were wider, though, at least 24mm instead of 28mm. I find myself "foot zooming" backwards at weddings with my 28-75. Should be perfect for basketball, though.
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FYI - http://www.photodo.com/prod/lens/det...DAsp-805.shtml

This is one of the older lens where the MTF is not that outstanding, the new 28-75 f/2.8 is a much better lens
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The even older Tamron SP 35-105mm f/2.8 tests much better on MTF charts compared to the newer 28-105mm f/2.8 (and it's a little smaller and lighter, too).

Other than the wider end, it doesn't look too bad on the charts for the area you'd use more inside of the image circle for a cropped sensor.

You can sometimes find these at bargain prices (since most users want something starting out wider for digital).

This lens (the Tamron 35-105mm f/2.8 ) is not a speed demon focusing (at least on Minolta bodies). But, it's not that bad for General use (and gives you pretty good focal range for an f/2.8 zoom).

I got one not long ago at a bargain price ($119), and it seems to work just fine on a KM DSLR, too (and I'll be giving it a better workout this weekend to get a feel for it's pros and cons).

For basketball, I think I'd consider a brighter prime though (some people I've seen comment on lenses that shoot basketball seem to go with something brighter than f/2.8, to get a greater percentage of keepers without too much motion blur, if they're not using a flash).

Of course, YMMV depending on how much light you've got in the gym and how close you can get to the action.

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