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I got out m camera system and was doing some small scale studio stuff I went tooverride the auto focus of the 28-135 so I grabbed the focusing ring and if wouldn't turn. No matter how hard I tried, then pop! and it turned. I was afraid that my autofocus was now only a manual focus lens but it still is an autofocus, It works good. On my recent trip to Ny, NY I noticed the IS was starting to shake some times but I haven't noticed it again. So I haven't worried about it, The IS has been working perfectly with that one occasion. I live in Texas and have noticed that some times when I'm shooting on hot days the IS acts weird. It was around 90 to 100 in Ny, when I was there.

I was wanting to know if anyone has had this trouble before?
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My 28-135 goes funny too at times. I can feel a BUZZ and I presume it's the IS having a fit.

It doesn't do it often but when it does, it will do it several times.

If I take a picture during the buzzing I know it'll be blurred.
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Haven't had that problem with mine, but all of a sudden lately it tends to "hunt" - especially when I am photographing courthouses & there is a flag pole or some other object in front of the courthouse. it does it on both my 300D & my EOS-3. I then switch over to Manual focus & that seems to solve the problem. I don't have this problem with my 20-35.
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Railfire wrote:
Haven't had that problem with mine, but all of a sudden lately it tends to "hunt"
Is it windy?

When the front of this lens becomes loose, especially with the large Canon hood attached, the focus change slighly when caught by the wind and the camera try to re-adjust for that...
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