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[align=center]Ok i just bought an sigma 70-300mm apo dg macro

[align=center]ok two questions
[align=center]how do i take better macro shots i have an rebel xt. I want to get down close but it seems that its to blurry just wondering if anyone had any tips. :?
[align=center]and my 2 question is what is the difference between the
[align=center]sigma 70-300 dg macro to the sigma 70-300 macro II
[align=center]because i was just wondering if the othere one was better then the one i have now if anyone can help that would be cool.
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I can't help you with the differences in the lenses. I don't know them.

But I know some stuff about macro lenses. If you're getting blury shots, then you are using too slow a shutter speed. There are only two solutions to this.

Get more light, use a larger aperture.

The problem with the larger aperture is that you'll have less depth of field (less of the image will be in focus.) When doing macro work, you inherently have a very small depth of field, so you normally want to use a larger aperture f16, for example. The downside to the larger f-stop (and larger depth of field) is that you'll get less light and therefor less shutter speed.

To get more light you can do a variety of things. Use a flash (especially on a off-camera sync cable so you can position it where you want) will do wonders but can look very harsh. A defuser will help with that.

Use a reflector. This will reflect more of the natural light on to the subject. This can be tricky, as you'll often need extra hands to hold the reflector. But they do work well.

You can also improve the shots by using a tripod. They are annoying (get in your way, they are heavy, they prevent spontanious shots) but they let you take a shot with a really low shutter speed. I've taken good shots at 1/8th of a second and slower because I use a tripod (and there was no wind.)

I hope that helps.

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The difference has been discussed a few times on this forum... So, if my memory functions well: The "macro II" is the previousversion of the DG.

DG stands for digital (a lens for digital camera).I've read here and there that the difference is minimal... but on the price. Some people advice to buy the macro II if possible and spare the $$ for future L or EX lens.

But the lens guru(s) must know more, so let's wait the sun goes up in on the East coast!!!
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Just a question and not trying to be smart. Did you read the instructions that came with the Sigma? I didn't, when I got it, and I was getting blurry shots. You have to extend the focus all the way out for one thing. I hope this helps because I get great shots now.
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